What about the marks?

In my circle I have people who know I am a wrestling fan and want to talk current product. One of these is my uncle who although in his 50s is a complete mark. He loves babyfaces and can’t stand heels. He knows wrestling is a work but tells me at every opportunity that he refuses to contribute a dime towards buying merch or subscribing to the network because it would put money in HHH and Stephanie’s pocket. Do you think it would be advantageous for the wwe to have a fan friendly authority figure to cater to these fans, or is this audience so small that it is not worth reaching out to?

​I dunno, considering the morons who comment on Twitter during shows, I’d say it’s not a good idea to overestimate the intelligence of the fanbase most of the time. Plus keep in mind that 35% of America thinks that Donald Trump would be a swell choice for President, so obviously there’s a big chunk of stupid marks out there as well.

But yes, it’d be worth getting rid of the heel authority figures for a million reasons anyway. Just let William Regal oversee all the shows.​