Undertaker’s streak

Hey Scott,

Of course people still dispute about Brock Lesnar ending the streak but do you have anything argument that it should be ended earlier? For me its Randy Orton in 05. Only other one is maybe Shawn Michaels in 09. Edge the year before is a time no one talks about.
Plus if the streak is still around today, who do you have end it? Or just keep it going? For me do the Cena match,have Taker go over then a NXT star can end it the next year. Owens maybe?


​I don’t object to Brock ending the streak, I just wish they would have had better followup to it and that Brock hadn’t jobbed to HHH beforehand. Had it been the unstoppable force meeting the immovable object, there would have been more value to it, I think.

I think Orton in 05 might have worked if they had been playing up the Legend Killer thing bigger at that point and hadn’t side-tracked him with the failed babyface turn, in fact.

Today? I dunno. If Bray Wyatt had been more dominant and not such a goof who loses all his big feuds, maybe he would have worked. Honestly I don’t really see any other candidates. The only other one I think of would be if Daniel Bryan hadn’t retired, because they could have him put his career on the line and be believable as someone fans might cheer for as an underdog winner, plus you know it would be a hell of a match. ​