Yes, Another Roman Reigns Question

Hey Scott,

So you say the reason why fans aren’t into Roman Reigns is because he lacks any sort of character and just isn’t interesting. How’s this for changing that?

Rock is in his corner for Wrestlemania, he wins and gets deafening boos. He destroys the Rock. He blames the Rock for somehow sabotaging his chance to get over with the fans. He thinks the Rock is in cahoots with everyone and convincing them to boo him and hate him. He is now a paranoid, delusional, egotistical sociopath.

Wouldn’t that be someone who can at least interesting?

​I suppose you could come up with all kinds of wacky character traits for him after the fact and use more big stars to try to put him over, but the main problem is that they didn’t do that BEFORE they started pushing him. Even if he suddenly found an interesting character path, we’ve still had 2 years of fans rejecting him and completely cooling off any real chance of organically creating the Cena-like guy at the top of the company they want. ​