The Powers of Pain

> In the latest Observer flashback, it’s noted that the Powers of Pain are done.
> I remember in kayfabe, they said Mr. Fuji sold Barbarian’s contract to Bobby Heenan and Warlord’s to Slick. Reflecting on it now, I like that nice little subtle bit of storytelling to put a bow on the performers as a tag team and move them along in their new directions. And I still remember it more than 25 years later.
> If today’s product included character touches and little storytelling flourishes like that, would it make you more interested? Or is there too much TV time to fill that the constant churn and burn of stories simply negates moments like this for the undercard?

Well the Fuji selloff doesn’t come until 1990 because at the point we’re at Vince changes his mind.

As to the question, they have 2 types of problems. They have character and feud changes set up by basically nothing with no explanation; or they have stuff burning up weeks of TV time with in depth promos that never pay off with anything. Like Goldust and Truth teasing a midcard tag team forever while the world screams "Get to the fucking point already!" Or the Miz trying to convince Neville to tutor him for the next James Bond movie.

It’s either too fast or too slow. No wonder we’re never happy.