WM 5 Question


Lately, I’ve been reading about how white-hot Randy Savage was after turning heel on Hogan in early ’89. Many have said that it would have been best for business to keep the title on Savage for longer than Mania 5. My question is this: How could they have done that? I mean, everything seemed perfectly set up for the heel turn on ‘The Main Event’ broadcast, followed by the ‘Hogan gets revenge’ match at Mania. They couldn’t really have a Hogan revenge match in the Mania main event and have Hulk lose, they couldn’t have Savage win by pinfall and they couldn’t do a DQ or count out finish. What would you propose? Maybe postponing the heel turn and doing the big match between the Megapowers at SummerSlam?


​Nah, they could easily do a DQ finish at WM, since it had never been done before in the main event. Or have Savage shove Elizabeth down outside and Hogan goes ballistic for the double DQ or countout or whatever. There’s lots of totally plausible screwjobs that allow them to continue drawing huge crowds all summer. ​