Shane O’Mac: Bookerman?

Hi Scott,

What do you make of this cryptic talk from Meltzer on the WO radio show about the backstage impact of Shane’s return, and the possibility, however minute, that Triple H (w/Steph) may not one day run WWE as long believed? Most of us probably agree that WWE’s creative decline began with Stephanie taking the writing helm in late 2000, and maybe even before that when the Helmsleys ruined the promising Triple H-Angle-Steph love triangle, and likely played a hand in the disappointing Rikishi-as-Austin’s hit-and-run-driver reveal/angle. They also helped excrete the last 15 years of WWE television, where every promising storyline was botched and any potential breakout star squandered.

Now, I believe Meltzer mentioned that Vince initially picked the Helmsleys to succeed him over Shane, in part because Shane’s booking ideas were agreed by everyone who heard them to somehow be worse than Steph’s! In a better world, do you think CEO Shane would recognize that he’s no booker and form a new creative team in lieu of the 30 writers? If so, who, out of the crop of old wrestlers and bookers should make the team? Paul E? Shane’s old drinking buddy and Mensa member, Johnny Polo? Or maybe world-famous MMA sparring partner, comic book writer, and alleged creator of The Shield, CM Punk?

Also, out of curiosity, who was the mind behind Shane’s feud with Kane in 2003? You know, the one where Kane fell into a flaming pit of fire and showed up on Raw the next week with mild sunburn? Then attempted electro-castration on Shane. Then took him out for dinner to a nice restaurant before their big match…



​I really don’t think Shane has any interest in running the company at this point, but I will say that booking by committee has historically always been a terrible idea. You need one person with strong ideas and then a few other people to execute them. Heyman, Raven and CM Punk all trying to be the smartest guy in the room would be a disaster. Shane as the big money guy with someone like Gabe Sapolsky or Heyman booking underneath him might be a more reasonable scenario, however. ​