Random Musings

I was watching some Crockett TV and I had a few random thoughts.

Why was Ronnie Garvin not on the Starrcade 1985 card? It seems like everyone and thier dog was booked, but not him. It seems odd.

​That is weird! They even booked some ugly chick off the street to be Jimmy Valiant’s partner in the Midnight Express match​ as a further slap in the face to him. Hopefully Dave addresses this important snub when we go back to 1985 for the next round of Flashbacks.

Who would you put on the Mount Rushmore of Wrestling Breads? I’d say

Daniel Byran
Randy Savage

Jimmy Valiant

Capt. Lou

I really want to add Billy Jack Haynes because his is what made me start to think about it, but alas he didn’t make the cut.​​

​Your question confused me greatly because you managed to spell "beard" wrong and thus asked a completely different question that made me feel like I was missing some kind of huge inside joke. ​

Ron Bass was a sneaky good promo. Why didn’t he do more outside of Florida?

​He had some decent ones during his WWF run, I thought. ​