WrestleMania V Crowd Question

> Hey Scott,
> Have been reading your Observer flashbacks (excellent stuff, by the way – I check the site constantly for the next one!), and you noted that WrestleMania V made even more money on ticket sales than WrestleMania III, despite being in a much smaller venue. One frequent criticism for the Trump Plaza WrestleMania’s is that the crowd is often dead for long stretches of the show, so I was wondering, why were people paying record high prices for tickets if they weren’t even big fans? I always assumed that the dead crowd was the result of the casino giving away blocks of tickets to people to get them in the casino door, or to VIP guests, but if they were doing record numbers of tickets sold, why weren’t the crowds more lively?

The Trump casino didn’t give out tickets. The OTHER casinos bought tickets at hyperinflated prices and gave them out.  Very few of that crowd were actual fans. Most of the tickets were sold almost immediately to casinos.