Von Erichs Question

Hey Scott. Do you think the Von Erich boys would have done as well if
they hadn’t had the World Class bubble to protect them? It seems like
Kerry would’ve been the only one who could’ve gotten over on his own.
What do you think?

​Kerry would have absolutely been over as a World champion in any era or any territory as long as he wasn’t hepped up on goofballs, because that was really the only thing holding him back. Vince almost made him into the face of the WWF instead of Hogan, if you believe some reports at the time, and even then he was absurdly deep into drugs and booze. Stupidity can be overcome (look at Sid) but if you can’t be trusted to at least show up on time and able to wrestle a match, you’re not gonna get booked. ​The fact that Kerry ended up with the IC title, while wrestling on an artificial limb and coked out of his mind most of the time, tells you just how much natural charisma he had even at that point.

As for the others, David did OK for himself in Florida outside of the bubble, but I just don’t see Kevin as anything but a midcard job guy anywhere but Texas.