Lance Von Erich


I know with the spin put on it over the years by those who felt betrayed that "cousin" Lance left WCCW right after Mike passed in April 1987, a time when World Class needed as much talent as possible, that the promotion when on a campaign to bury him from history.

However, when looking back, Lance was very popular and over with the Texas fanbase, and filled a void, especially with Kerry and Mike’s issues in 85 and 86 . He got great pops from the crowd and was an impressive athlete. He was accepted in his role during his almost 2 year stay.

If Lance stayed on board with the territory and does not leave, is it possible they could have kept the illusion of the "cousin" of the Von Erich family going since it was a pre internet era and dirtsheets were more on the down low during that period?

​Hey, if they could cover up a missing foot, I’m pretty sure that fooling people into thinking Lance Von Erich was actually related was child’s play. And just remember that even a decade later, in the era of dirtsheets and the internet, lots of people thought Edge & Christian were really brothers for a while in 98, just as a random example. It can take a lot to debunk a lie told by a wrestling promotion. ​