Ambrose/Reigns/Triple H

Hey Scott,

They’ve been building Dean like crazy and its confusing the hell out of me because they clearly want Reigns as the guy. It just seems like there’s a big payoff coming at Mania, especially since it seems like Triple H has exhausted everything he could to get heat and transfer it into his feud with Roman.

Do you think they’re going to just use Dean’s heat again and just have Reigns him destroy him? I understand that it doesn’t matter if he turns and still cut the same shitty promos but what exactly is there for him to do after Mania coming out as a baby face? The Authority will be gone so no rematch with HHH. At least with him turning, that sets him up with Dean through the spring. Thoughts?

​My presumption is that they turn Dean at Smark-A-Mania the next night and set up Reigns-Ambrose in a misguided feud over the spring.

I do think it’s hilarious that you think "The Authority will be gone" is a real thing that is happening. ​