How Unover is Rover? I mean Roman?

Will there be more Roman Reigns fans in the building for "WM: because Fuck You Pal" than any of the following top Baby Faces at the given event:

-John Cena fans at MITB 2011 in Chicago

– John Cena fans at ECW ONS 2006

-HBK fans at Survivor Series 1996

– Rock fans at Summerslam 2002

– Hulk Hogan on any Nitro in the Fall of 1995

​Well Roman’s problems are being magnified because it’s not just people who normally hate him that are booing him, but now regular fans are also learning that it’s the cool thing to boo Reigns. That’s a really hard hurdle to overcome.

But hey, that’s why Vince is the genius, I guess. I’m sure he has some brilliant plan to save everything and have it all make sense.​