Future Wrestlemania Locations

Hello Scott,

If this year’s Wrestlemania can sell 84,000 tickets with two over-40 headliners, a not-over Roman Reigns, and Shane McMahon, it’s safe to say that Wrestlemania will be a stadium show for the foreseeable future. My question is what do you see as the most likely sites after next year’s show in Orlando? You’ve mentioned that WWE’s obsession with booking venues that have hosted or will host the Super Bowl, so the new stadium in Minneapolis is a likely bet (Super Bowl LII is scheduled there for February 2018). Another good possibility is the new Rams stadium in Los Angeles, although that will take a few years to open.

On the other hand, do you see them going back to past stadiums? Sky Dome would be great, given its history (but they’ll need to lighten the place up a bit this time around). I though Detroit might have a shot at WM 33 because of the 30-year anniversary of Hogan-Andre but that’s out the window. Maybe a return trip to Safeco Field in Seattle, which had an awesome look on television?

​You’re asking ME about football stadiums? You are barking up the wrong tree completely, my friend. ​