BoD Daily Update: March 16th, 2016 NXT Preview

WWE WrestleMania Main Event Update

There have reportedly been disagreements between Vince McMahon and HHH about how Brock Lesnar is being used by the company. Vince believes that Lesnar should be in the main event due to the amount of money he is being paid. Vince also wanted more star power to go up against Lesnar and was disappointed he was unable to get the Rock to wrestle on the show. HHH wants his title match against Roman Reigns to headline the show but there is speculation that Vince is losing faith in Reigns as either that match or the Hell in a Cell bout between Shane McMahon and the Undertaker will headline the show.

Neville Update

Neville had x-rays and a CAT scan performed on his and it was decided that surgery would not be necessary and he can be treated with a cast and crutches. The estimated recovery time for this is 2-3 months.

Chris Jericho and Charles Robinson Altercation on RAW 

During Jericho’s match against Neville, who suffered a broken shinbone and ankle, he rolled up Neville for the finish but referee Charles Robinson saw that Neville’s shoulder was up and broke the count, angering Jericho who proceeded to get up and shove Robinson while yelling about how Neville was injured. The situation cooled down when both guys headed backstage. It was also reported that Jericho improvised the post-match promo that led to AJ Styles coming up and hitting him with a springboard forearm smash.

Fire in the Mountains

Ricky Whittenberg is back with a look at Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV Episodes 25 & 26 in the newest Fire in the Mountains podcast