Vince v HHH/Shane

Can you shed any light to what the Observer Raw recapped said about Vince playing Shane against HHH and Stephanie? I guess he brought Shane back to show he isn’t out of touch with the audience, and doesn’t trust HHH to bring up any of the NXT guys as stars?

And what is the end game with Shane v Undertaker? Couldn’t they have used anyone else in the Undertaker’s spot and given them a rub as Vince’s henchman?

​Yeah, I don’t know man. I’m waiting for this angle to make any kind of sense but at this point I don’t even understand who I’m supposed to be rooting for or why. So I WANT this one McMahon to run the show but not this other McMahon, when they all have turned on each other and the fans multiple times over the years? Undertaker is gonna go out there on Vince’s behalf, why? It’s just a huge mess. And no, I’m not sure what exactly the backstage stuff with Shane and Steph is about, but Meltzer has also made cryptic remarks about this angle is more close to reality than anyone wants to admit. ​