Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Daylight savings time AND we invested in a Big Green Egg. My days of oven cooking are numbers. I will say I always thought the Big Green Egg was overhyped but I promised the man one vanity purchase this year and so far I will admit I’m impressed.

Anyway a couple of quick roadblock thoughts. Good show, not great, nothing worth going out of your way to see but a perfectly good waste of two and a half hours.

— New Day as faces might work if they play the line right. They aren’t heels and really have only been true bad-guy heels on a couple of occasions (they closed RAW with a beat down of Ziggler and Cena and the Usos?? but if I remember but they didn’t stay with that serious shtick for long). The idea that they were the faces but still won by a distraction is good. They need to be able to work that line between heel/face.

— Charlotte-Nattie was almost as good as their NXT match, crowd got hot for the submission finishes which I like to see because workers should be able to get crowd hot for something other than crazy high spots. Charlotte’s getting into a nice groove going into Wrestlemania. She’s gained a lot of confidence with this title run.

— Enzo & Cass have gotten to New Age Outlaws territory with their entrance and that’s a good thing because it’s a guaranteed crowd pop. Both NXT teams looked good in a spot on a main roster show. Seems to be little doubt that they are going to something with Enzo/Cass whether it’s bring them both up or bring Cass up and give Enzo singles time in NXT…either way something will happen with them sooner than later. And The Revival continue to stay strong for their eventual loss to American Alpha.

— The main event was a well worked match. Took them a while to get the crowd into it but they stuck with it and got some drama built. The false finish was a good thing as well. I didn’t like the finish overall, it seemed a little lazy but it was a good effort. Clearly HHH can still go, he’s still in amazing shape and he doesn’t look like an “old-guy” champion. Ambrose came out of this looking like a contender that isn’t quite there yet.

Now the final build for Wrestlemania starts. Three more RAWs. Assuming we’ll have to see Reigns eventually. Maybe tonight.

Enjoy your night and keep it clean.