Barry Windham

Hey Scott,

Loving the Observer Flashbacks. It’s interesting reading your comments and putting everything into a modern context.

So 89 was when Windham seemed to lose his passion and started getting flaky, right? Or was it earlier or later? Was there ever any reason why he lost interest in being a tippy top guy? He was a fabulous worker, had a great mind for the business, and came from a wrestling family. On his podcasts, Austin often sings the guy’s praises. It’s weird he settled into being a midcard guy.


​Yeah, guys like Dusty talked about it before in shoot interviews, in that Windham just didn’t have the alpha-dog drive that you need to survive at the top of the card in wrestling. Windham would get so far and then just not want to deal with the bullshit that guys like Flair and Hogan thrived on. Brad Armstrong had the same problem. Plus later on Barry had to deal with the whole thing with Kendall & Blackjack Mulligan throwing their lives away, so that was probably a lot of stress on him as well. ​