British Bulldogs & 80’s Tag Team Wrestling

Long time, first time

What is your favorite British Buldogs match and what are your favorite singles matches for Dynamite and Davey Respectively?

They are my favorite tag team of all time. Who would you put above them?

Finally, who had the better tag division in the 80’s between the NWA and WWF? I couldn’t pick. I would say they were just different.

​Favorite Bulldogs match: Can’t think of anything specific, but I really used to love the way they came in and destroyed jobbers on TV early on in their WWF career. They were really a case of someone getting over based on squashes, especially the way they’d just wreck the poor bastard with stuff like a superplex off the back of Davey’s shoulders.

Favorite Dynamite match: He had a brawl with Bad News Allen (Brown) in Stampede that was very much a precursor to ECW’s whole style and it’s just awesome. Almost got them cancelled from TV, too.

Favorite Davey match: The Bret Hart bloodbath at IYH5. Closest he ever got to being a legit main eventer.

That being said, I loved the Hart Foundation as a kid, even when they were heels, so I’d put the Harts above them, and of course the Midnight Express and Rock N Roll Express and Tully & Arn, who I could watch against each other in endless combinations and probably never see the same match twice. As much love as the WWF tag team scene in the 80s gets, the NWA had the Road Warriors, RNR, Midnights, Horsemen, Russians, Fantastics and Sheepherders all in their prime, so they win. ​