Booking Shane McMahon vs The Undertaker

What’s the point of having writer’s privileges if you don’t occasionally write something, eh?

I just had what I thought was a brilliant idea for this year’s main event of Wrestlemania. You may not think it is brilliant. Regardless, why not give it a read and give your thoughts in the comments below?

Sometime before this match (I assume that, after Wrestlemania’s X8 and 25, WWE knows how to correctly identify the actual main event), Dean Ambrose Triple H uses every nefarious means available to him to successfully defend his title against Roman Reigns.

After a popcorn match or some other such filler, the Cell is lowered for the main event of Shane McMahon vs The Undertaker, with Taker fighting for Vince McMahon’s right to continue running the company as he damned well sees fit.

There’s no way that the company should be allowed to continue with the status quo following Wrestlemania. But there’s also no way that Shane McMahon should be allowed to hang as an equal with The Undertaker. Both of these statements will hold true.

However, Shane McMahon will do what no other person has ever done to The Undertaker at Wrestlemania: interrupt his entrance. Emerging from a row of druids, SM-2199 attacks Taker from behind, attempting to gain an early advantage. This does not last long, as Taker quickly recovers from Shane’s surprise attack to lay on a pre-match beating. Ultimately, Shane attempts to climb the Cell to escape, only for Taker to catch him about two-thirds of the way up. And, for the first time in a very long time, we get a ridiculous bump off the Cell, as Shane is thrown 15-20 feet through a table below.

Announcers spend about 5 minutes trying to convince everyone that the match is over before it ever began…but Shane eventually drags himself from the ringside rubble, stumbles into the ring, and tells Taker to Bring It.

This leads to a 15 minuteish match. Shane gets the occasional hope spot via ball shots and the kendo sticks and other props inexplicably available under the ring, and gets a chance to go for his Van Shaneinator (which Taker will move out of the way of, to cover for the fact that Shane can’t hit that move any more), but for the most part it’s all Taker dominance, leaving Shane a bloody mess.  Finally, Taker goes for the kill.

Chokeslam. Kick Out.

Last Ride. Kick Out.

Hell’s Gate. Foot on the ropes.

Tombstone. Kick Out.

Tombstone. Kick Out.

Finally, Undertaker goes for his mega-death finisher, the move that ended Shawn Michaels’ career: The Jumping Tombstone.

And Shane McMahon kicks out.

After everyone spends a minute selling disbelief, Undertaker helps Shane McMahon to his feet, places him into a corner, and asks for a microphone.

“Shane McMahon, let me tell you something. I have done everything that there is to do in WWE. The last thing that I had was the undefeated streak at Wrestlemania…but that is gone forever.

The fact is, I have nothing left to fight for.

But, Shane McMahon, it seems that you *do* have something left to fight for. You proved that to me tonight. So I’m going to let you fight for it.

Referee…I quit.”

Vince McMahon does his Gulp Of Horror, and the entire face roster comes out to the ring to celebrate with Shane as the show goes off the air.

The next night on RAW, Shane McMahon gets the show opening intro. He sells his beating, but says that somehow, he made it through and now has control of RAW.

…but he shouldn’t.

Because Shane McMahon realizes that he is a McMahon, and he realizes that he has the same massive ego embedded in his DNA as his father. No matter what his feelings are right now, he realizes that, eventually, the power would get to him, and that he would be no better at running the company than his father or his sister.

The WWE needs somebody that has no ego in his DNA. Somebody who, above all else, is a genuinely nice guy, that wants nothing more than to please the fans of the WWE.

Shane McMahon announces that he will relinquish his control of RAW, and introduces the man who will run the company in his place:

Daniel Bryan.