Wrestling Books

What I find fascinating about your Wrestling Observer Flashbacks the behind the scenes troubles with the various promotions that are gonna be out of business soon. In a previous post you mentioned a book about Stampede that you liked and I know about "The Death of WCW." What other books are in the same vein as those two? Books about World Class and the AWA would be fascinating.

​I don’t think there really are ones, although I can heartily recommend the AWA documentary DVD that WWE put out (and which is also on the Network), which is pretty brutally honest in its treatment of Verne. Also the Heroes of World Class documentary (I think it’s on the Network, not sure) is good, but there’s also the non-WWE DVD documentary which is much more sad and honest. I can also recommend Tim Hornbaker’s book about the NWA, which kind covers a lot of those territories in general but also lets you see what was happening behind the scenes with all the power struggles and how it turned into a long slow decline that ultimately destroyed everyone by the 80s. ​