BoD Daily Update: March 11th, 2016

Reason For Bray Wyatt vs. Brock Lesnar Happening at Roadblock

Reportedly, the reason for this match taking place on the WWE Network special was due to the fact both men were upset their planned match at WrestleMania 32 getting nixed. Also, there is supposedly heat on WWE officials over how the entire Lesnar vs. Wyatt Family feud has been done wrong, from before the angle at the Royal Rumble until now. The Lesnar vs. Wyatt Family feud is still expected to continue later this year, with talk of Braun Strowman going over Lesnar.



NXT Head Writer Promoted to Smackdown

Ryan Ward, who was the head writer of NXT, has been moved to the Smackdown writing team. No word yet as to who will be taking over Ward’s position in NXT.



Reason For Ken Anderson’s TNA Release

Anderson, who was fired after failing a drug test on January 19th after working a match against Eric Young, was let go from the company after testing positive for a medication in which he did not have a prescription for. Anderson was noted to have been behaving oddly the day leading up to the match. Also, Anderson’s last match was cut short due to the fact he looked “very bad in the ring” and his opponent, Eric Young, was furious about the match to the point he could be heard yelling at company officials to do something about the situation. Article on Sami Zayn/Kevin Owens History