RF Video Shoot Interview with Tammy Sytch

This was filmed in 2006.

The interview was conducted by Rob Feinstein and Doug Gentry

It runs at one hour and fifty-six minutes long.



The interview starts where her last shoot interview with Tammy left off back in 2002 (the one she did with Missy Hyatt) as Rob asks her about the Wrestling Vixxxens website. Tammy laughs and said at first, she thought it was an easy way to make a few paychecks. She talks about being offered Playboy while in the WWF as Vince called her in his office to let her know Playboy called but she denied stating she was too young and her dad would be “rolling over in his grave.” So, five years later, she felt more ready and said that she did it, despite being the biggest prude on the site.


Tammy talks about not getting sent money as the guy running the site was a thief who never sent her money, only claiming that Missy had an ATM card to that account and took all of the money.Tammy talks about how the guy sent her a ticket but not a check and she refused to go, which pissed him off. Tammy once again calls him a thief for using her photos while never getting paid and after telling him she was done with the site.


She talks about being close with Missy until one day she awoke at 4am to see Missy and some girl she has never seen in her life smoking crack outside. Tammy then claims she never used street drugs in her life, stating she has only used prescription pills, laughing about how she might have overdid them at times, but this freaked her out and she left. Tammy said she cut ties with Missy for two years ago then states this incorrectly led to websites labeling her as a “crack addict.”


Rob asks Tammy about committing to recovery with Chris Candido. She talks about they woke up one day and were sick of booze and pills so they decided to clean up as she talks about Chris’s love of the business as the reason he got clean.


Tammy talks about working in Puerto Rico with Chris and how it was a nightmare. She said the buildings were in terrible shape and you would get batteries and even urine tossed at you by the fans. They made $800 a week working for Carlos Colon, as a favor for Sabu, and stayed in a gorgeous apartment they rented for $1,000 a month. However, once they signed the lease to the apartment, they paychecks kept going down about $50 a week to the point they were lucky to make $150 a week, combined. Tammy talks about how Victor Jovica was supposed to be paying them but told everyone to come back the following day as he never paid anyone so she would bitch to Colon, who would give her some money. Tammy said they were using their savings to make ends meet and she told Chris they were going home.


She talks about how the island was crime-ridden and talks about some lady who just took out a needle and shot up in the middle of the street. Both Tammy and the interviewers talk about how white people are treated on the street near one of the arenas, as the natives constantly stare you down. Tammy then said that they went to leave and were told by the office they did not have the money for a plane ticket. After that, they were told that since they were written out of storylines, there was no more bookings for them. Tammy said she then made them buy tickets and Colon had to put it on his daughter’s credit card. Tammy said the promotion had no money and that Colon had a major gambling problem.


She then claims one night, after not getting paid again, stole the ring truck and parked it in a baseball field before tossing the keys into the ocean. As a result, they were unable to hold TV tapings for a month.


Tammy talks about seeing Carlito work in Puerto Rico and how his brother Eddie is a better worker that shows more passion. She puts them over as being nice kids but even said that Carlito told her he doesnt care about the business and is only in it due to his dad’s insistence.


After Puerto Rico, they stayed with Hack Meyers and his parents in Daytona Beach, FL for a couple of months. Tammy said Hack would treat her like a house wife and ended up going back home to New Jersey. Tammy said her time in Puerto Rico soured her on the wrestling business then started to manage a friend’s tanning salon as that ended along with their relationship.


Tammy talks about how in 2001, she had pancreatitis due to excessive alcohol use. She also claims to be told in the hospital that she had 48 hours to live then they knocked her out and were able to contract Chris. She said they read her last rights twice and was on a respirator and that the pancreas was damaged beyond repair. One day, she woke up and they were all shocked as she was walking around then after running tests found that her pancreas was back to normal as apparently she was a medical marvel as no one knows who she healed.


She then talks about veterans being disrespected on the Independent scene, stating how she was trying to be friendly to Jackie Gayda, who kept blowing her off. Tammy then talks about breaking the mold and paving the way for stuff like the “Diva’s Search.”


Tammy now talks about ECW and how Chris and herself never saw any of the money they were owed. She then talks about how they had a $500,000 home in New Jersey that they had to sell because when ECW went bankrupt and refused to give them money, they still owed money to Amex as apparently her card was used to buy plane tickets for others in ECW as she would get paid for that. However, someone in the office still had the card when they left and charged tickets to the card and when Tammy tried to dispute the charges, Amex told them they were paying for those charges for a few years and as a result, Tammy had to sell her house.


On Dawn Marie trying to sue the WWE when they fired her while she was pregnant, Tammy brings up how WWE contract reads change of appearance is grounds for termination. With that being said, Tammy said the company could have given her something to do until she was showing then decide what to do after that.


She talks about Chris being in TNA and how he was happy as they had plans to make him an agent, which made Chris ecstatic and his happiest in years.


Tammy is now asked about the day he passed away. She talks about how he finished a TV taping and went home and was in massive pain after he had the surgery on his ankle. Tammy was shocked to learn he was not prescribed antibiotics. He woke up in pain the next day and his leg and foot was swollen. His breathing also worsened. Tammy called 911 and they brought him to the hospital and he had pneumonia, which can be common after surgery. Tammy said she kissed Chris then went into the waiting room and not long after that, the doctor came out and told Tammy he passed away. The doctor said after surgery a blood clot formed and went straight to his lungs. Tammy said she went nuts and started hitting the doctor. The doctor then asked Tammy where he had surgery as she said Florida as the doctor said you are not able to fly after surgery as the altitude of the plane caused the clot. The doctor was then shocked no antibiotics were given for his ankle surgery. Tammy talks about how she got the paperwork from the hospital and has a few lawyer friends who state she has a case for negligence and malpractice.


She talks about the funeral and how before that, her parents informed her since she was not legally married to Chris, they were making the decision to cremate him and were going to split the ashes in thirds. After that, she spent weeks in bed then got help from Dawn Marie and Francine. Tammy also reports gaining weight after being prescribed Paxil so she decided to wean herself out. She then talks about doing an indy show a week after Chris’s passing but became overwhelmed and got lied to about pay and ended up getting drunk afterwards.


Tammy said she really likes working with TNA, as she apparently acts as a liaison by picking up talent at the airport. She is a good friend with Tracy Brooks and has always been friends with Billy Gunn.


She now talks about working in sales at a Sports Club and how she is dating a cop, who was referred to her by another cop who goes to the sports club, because he was “cocky, arrogant, and a bit of a psychopath” and this cop thought they would be perfect together. Tammy was reluctant at first but met him and is in love.


On today’s Independent scene, she does not believe there are any women ready as the ones on WWE TV are not even ready themselves. She then talks about how the WWE is going back to the 6’4 300lbs look with guys and there is no one like that in today’s scene.


Tammy talks about appreciating the TNA office coming to Chris’s funeral then mentions how they sent her a ham in the mail. She then said they refused to give her his last paycheck because they were not married.


Rob asks her about Shawn Michaels being a born-again Christian. Tammy said she has not talked to him since leaving the WWF. Tammy then is asked if she wants to address any rumors as she talks about never sleeping with Bret Hart and how he hated changing in the locker room and did so in her’s, claiming Chris knew nothing was going on with them as he was there with them.


Regarding Shawn Michaels, Tammy said that she broke up with Chris in 96-97 and that no one knew that, not even their families, as they remained cordial. She talks about never deliberately cheating on Chris, who was living out of hotels for a year. Tammy talks about standing at the curtain during a TV taping one day when Shawn stood behind her and asked “do you feel that” as that began their relationship. She then talks about being known as the “Kliq Chick” and that Vince McMahon knew about their relationship and would let them use his dressing room before they left for different towns.


Tammy goes on about her relationship with Shawn and how they ended up at a resort in Jamaica as Shawn wanted a vacation. Tammy found out when they got there that Shawn rented the Honeymoon Suite which was $5,000 a night. He talks about how the hotel cooked their meals in their kitchen. One night, they had a guy playing guitar and Shawn had him play “Welcome to my World” and sung along as Tammy said she was in love with him.


She stayed with him for nine months and how he wanted her to move in as he built a new home in Texas. Tammy weighed her options as she was on the rocks with Chris while Shawn was treating her like gold. Tammy was scared to tell him and after a month, said she could not move to Texas and wanted to work out things at home with Chris, sending Shawn over the edge. Tammy talks about Shawn and Chris hating each other then they broke up a few weeks later at a convention then shortly after that he met Nitro Girl and got her pregnant and they married.


Rob asks Tammy about other rumors about guys like Davey Boy Smith and Raven but denied those two and said she did not want to give away anything as she is writing a book.


Tammy is asked about Triple H’s rise to power in the WWE. She is not surprised as she talks about him following her and Chris one day when he first arrived to the WWF. Tammy said that he was always cocky and even told her he did not care what he had to do as one day he wants to “run this place.”


When asked, she said that Vince did pit her and Sable against each other, stating that the company thrives on tension and animosity whether real or manufactured. She talks about not liking Sable as she was not a nice person and did not care about her spot. Tammy thinks Sable is the “c-word.”


She is asked about some of the people she managed.  She liked the Smoking Gunns a lot and talked about how she held Bart’s Strip Club VIP card for him so his wife would never find out. Tammy also really likes Mick Foley and Tom Prichard.


Tammy talks about going to college to be an orthopedic surgeon and quitting with one semester left when the WWF hired her as she warns other women trying to get in the business to go to school and its almost impossible to make a living full-time.


Tammy said you need to pull ribs on the road otherwise you would go stir crazy. She then tells a story of how Owen Hart took a few cartons of orange juice with him from breakfast in his carry on bag as he always took stuff because according to Tammy, he was cheap. Anyway, they were going through the airport as Davey told the bag checkers that Owen’s bag was suspicious and needed to be checked as it was also too big. So, they ended up checking the bag and placing it in the overhead compartment and when the stewardess shut it, the cartons were crushed and Owen’s bag was soaked.



Final Thoughts:Well, this interview had it all: Sadness, delusion, lies (I assume as Tammy herself stated in her “Breaking Kayfabe” shoot that she does so frequently), as well as some humor. It was entertaining throughout at the very least.

The part when Tammy talked about Chris’s death was tough to watch. Hearing someone talk about a death of a loved one is incredibly sad and this was no exception, especially when you consider the circumstances.

Tammy also spoke about her struggles with alcohol abuse, which sadly seem to have gotten worse over the years. She even addressed her relationship with Shawn and went into detail about that.

Overall, an entertaining shoot that I would recommend. It will hold your attention the entire time.


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