Reading the Observer flashbacks, there’s a lot of talk of people no-showing dates. How did this work? Did they phone the promoter on the Monday to say they wouldn’t be working Friday, and the promoter just kept their name on and feigned ignorance?

Or did the promoter generally have no idea, spending the first half of the show with one eye on the parking lot hoping it was just traffic issues and they might yet turn up?

​Verne Gagne was notorious for finding out that people wouldn’t be at his shows, sometimes weeks in advance, and then advertising them anyway. It was at the worst when Hogan left, because he kept trying to squeeze house show revenues out of his name for weeks even after Hogan had given written notice long beforehand. Sometimes the promoter just legit didn’t know someone wouldn’t be there, though, but it was pretty rare. Wrestling promoters are not known for their honesty and fair dealing, shocking as it is.​