WCW Wednesday: Part XVII – Only Partially Uncensored Edition!


Back on March 19, 1995, WCW held their first March PPV and called it Uncensored.  While within the same timeframe as WrestleMania, WCW wanted a piece of the PPV pie in March so they created something unique to generate PPV grabs.

What tricks did WCW pull for their initial Uncensored card:

If you said boxer versus wrestler, you win a prize!

If you said a match on a moving 18-wheeler, you win a free trip to the souvenir stand!

If you said a martial match with a limited amount of martial arts used, you should have been booking WCW.

And if you said a leather strap match with one of the strangest finishes ever, you and Kevin Sullivan should be sharing coffee time regularly.

Anyway, thanks to my new catalog, I locate my reflection of the show:

Match 1 (King of the Road): “The Natural” Dustin Rhodes versus the Blacktop Bully


  • This match had an unfortunate outcome. More on this later.
  • While WCW attempted to make the audience believe this match was live, it was actually taped around Atlanta instead of Tupelo on 3/14/95.
  • Both Rhodes and Bully were in the trailer of an 18-wheeler with the object of the match being to get to the front and blow the horn. To make the match more difficult, there are bales of hay strewn through the trailer.
  • Rhodes made an early attempt to blow the horn but received a shot down below instead.
  • In an effort to get every camera angle, WCW used cameramen in the back of the cab, a pickup truck riding side-by-side with the 18-wheeler, and a helicopter for overhead shots. Impressive!
  • As Bully made an attempt to blow the horn, Rhodes nailed him with a fence post to the gut.
  • Rhodes delivered a piledriver.
  • He then used a connecting bar to pull himself up and mule kick Bully.
  • Next, he nailed Bully with a bale of hay to the head.
  • Vertical suplex by Bully.
  • Bully then choked Rhodes with a large rope.
  • Rhodes then tossed some liquid from a container onto Bully then hit him with the container.
  • Interesting tidbit: Both men have bladed by this point. Keep this fresh in your mind.
  • Mike Graham was shown from behind driving the truck. He also was the mastermind behind this match.
  • Belly-to-back suplex by Rhodes.
  • Hmmm…I thought I saw blood earlier. This would appear to be clipped and segmented out of order.
  • Bully climbed up to blow the horn, but the truck slowed down sending him down into the hay.
  • Rhodes then walloped Bully with a small wooden crate.
  • Bully tried a clothesline, but Rhodes ducked sending Bully head over heels.
  • Bully then ripped Rhodes’ tank top off.
  • Rhodes tossed a trough at Bully.
  • While the truck was stopped for a “church bus,” Bully hammered Rhodes with the wooden crate.
  • They both climbed to the top, but Bully knocked him down and blew the horn.

Rating: *

Summary: Excellent idea in theory but terrible in execution. The unfortunate outcome that I mentioned earlier deals with the blading within the match. To me, it didn’t look blatant but it was still there. With that being said, not only were both Dustin Rhodes and the Blacktop Bully FIRED for this but also Mike Graham for suggesting the blood. Rhodes would resurface later in the year in the WWF as Goldust.

Match 2 (martial arts): “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan versus Meng (w/ Colonel Parker)


  • Sonny Onoo was the special guest referee.
  • Duggan refused to bow initially but eventually did. For his compliance, he received a kick from Meng.
  • While Meng used chops and thrusts, Duggan only used fists. I smell a mismatch.
  • Duggan removed his boot but only got a couple of shots in.
  • As soon as Duggan removed his other boot, Meng applied the nerve hold.
  • Nerve hold by Meng wasted a lot of time.
  • Head butt by Duggan had the opposite effect as Duggan went down instead.
  • While Meng distracted Onoo, Parker choked Duggan on the apron with his handkerchief.
  • Meng missed a pair of elbow drops.
  • Duggan tried to toss Onoo out of the ring until Meng stopped him.
  • Three-point clothesline from Duggan, but Meng got right up!
  • Parker got on the apron and ate a Duggan right hand.
  • After a couple of lefts from Duggan to Parker, Onoo grabbed and held Duggan’s left arm leaving him defenseless.
  • Meng took advantage by levelling him with a savate kick and got the pin.

Rating: DUD

Summary: If you want to teach your kid some martial arts, DON’T LET THEM WATCH THIS MATCH! Next!

Match 3 (boxer versus wrestler): “The Enforcer” Arn Anderson (w/ Colonel Parker) versus Johnny B. Badd


  • Ten 3-minute rounds with one minute breaks. Pinfall, submission, or knockout concluded the match.
  • Badd put the gloves to Anderson in the corner. Arn took a powder to escape.
  • More punches from Badd knocked Arn down.
  • As the bell to end round 1 sounded, Arn went down again. I score the round 10-6 in favor of Badd.
  • A nice combination knocked Arn down again. Standing 8-count.
  • Single leg takedown by Arn but an elbow drop missed.
  • Shots to the ribs knocked Arn down again. Referee Randy Anderson didn’t stop it, but Mills Lane would have though.
  • More shots from Badd knocked Arn down once again. C’mon, call it Pee Wee!
  • Somehow, Arn survived round 2 but lost on my score card 10-4.
  • As soon as the round was over, Arn caught Badd with a DDT.
  • Before the rest period was over, Arn attacked Badd in the corner.
  • Knowing there was no disqualification, Arn tossed Badd over the top rope. Smart!
  • Round 3 began and Parker kicked Badd on the floor.
  • As Arn was dominating the round, he whipped Badd into the stool in the corner. CRUNCH!
  • Spinebuster!
  • Finnegan got in the ring and jumped on Arn’s back. Easily, Arn swatted him down.
  • Jawbreaker from Arn.
  • After Arn tossed Badd outside the ring, Parker got more kicks in.
  • As the round ended, Arn tossed Badd into his trainer and corner.
  • Finnegan then cut the gloves off Badd.
  • Arn interrupted but was shoved into Badd’s corner.
  • As round 4 began, Finnegan put the bucket on top of Arn’s head.
  • Sans glove Badd walloped Arn with a left hand.
  • Subsequently, “the kiss that don’t miss” knocked Arn silly.
  • Arn was unable to answer the 10-count.
  • Badd won.

Rating: *

Summary: A stark contrast in styles made this “match” mostly awful.

Match 4: “Macho Man” Randy Savage versus Avalanche


  • As soon as Avalanche got in the ring, Savage attacked him.
  • As if on cue, Avalanche missed…uh…an avalanche. He must be copying Big Bubba Rogers’ homework.
  • Avalanche launched himself at Savage; however, Savage ducked sending the big man over the top rope to the floor.
  • Flying cross body block from the top rope to the floor by Savage.
  • He then rammed Avalanche into the ring post then the steps.
  • Attempted slam by Savage went nowhere.
  • Elbow drop by Avalanche.
  • Leg drop by Avalanche.
  • Belly-to-belly suplex by Avalanche. Wow! Hadn’t seen him do that before.
  • Dropkick by Avalanche…and it was a good one! Holy miraculous wonders, Batman! Match rating goes up a ½* just for that.
  • Wrestling fans in the front row made me proud with a bulls-eye sign on the steel railing.
  • After tossing Savage outside to the floor, Avalanche rammed him into the ring post.
  • After countering a vertical suplex attempt back into the ring and draping Avalanche across the top rope, Savage hit a high cross body off the top rope.
  • Massive kick-out by Avalanche.
  • Sunset flip by Savage transitioned into the almighty squish by Avalanche.
  • Splash by Avalanche.
  • Powerslam by Avalanche.
  • Avalanche set up for the seated senton splash, but Savage crawled away.
  • Out of the corner reverse back elbow by Savage rocked Avalanche.
  • Rollup by Savage got 2.
  • Savage attempted another top rope maneuver but Avalanche caught him.
  • Second powerslam by Avalanche.
  • He then tried a splash from the second rope but missed.
  • Seeing Savage mount the top turnbuckle, Avalanche rolled out of the ring to avoid the big elbow.
  • Instead, he ate the double axe handle.
  • A “female” fan ran over and hammered on Savage then walloped referee Nick Patrick.
  • “She” then made Savage taste the steel railing. Tasted like the filet at Woody’s. Mmm.
  • After removing her wig, “she” revealed “herself” to be Ric Flair.
  • Seated senton by Avalanche.
  • Hogan ran in to even the odds as Flair and Avalanche scattered.
  • Savage won by DQ? I thought this was “anything goes,” no?

Rating: **1/2

Summary: Good match and better than I expected it to be. Hopefully, Flair and Savage can rekindle their feud from 1992 going forward. And you can’t say Flair doesn’t go all out when it comes to anything, because, in addition to dressing like a woman, he also wore makeup.

Match 5: Sting versus Big Bubba Rogers


  • Didn’t Bubba’s mother teach him not to point? Bubba paid the price for doing so as Sting bit his hand then stomped on it. Served him right.
  • Sting grabbed Bubba’s fedora and jacket. He wore the hat while beating up Bubba.
  • Dropkick by Sting sent Bubba reeling to the floor.
  • After a slam, Sting delivered an elbow drop.
  • While on the floor, Bubba grabbed the legs of Sting and tried to post one of them.
  • But Sting pulled Bubba into the ring post instead.
  • Splash by Sting.
  • Botched leapfrog by Sting as he crumpled to the mat holding his leg.
  • Diving guillotine by Bubba.
  • Attempted piledriver by Bubba reversed by Sting.
  • Bubba mounted the top turnbuckle but fell down. D’oh!
  • Sting then mounted the top turnbuckle to deliver a chop to the head.
  • Sleeper by Sting.
  • Tie-assisted jawbreaker by Bubba.
  • Release German suplex by Sting folded Bubba in half.
  • Top rope splash by Sting.
  • Back elbow by Sting sent Bubba’s momentum backwards off the ropes then forward right into Sting’s knee.
  • Sting attempted to slam Bubba, but his knee gave out.
  • Bubba landed on top of Sting and pinned him.

Rating: **1/2

Summary: Great psychology that factored into the incredibly unexpected finish. A couple of botches kept this from being rated higher.

Match 6 Falls Count Anywhere Texas Tornado: The Nasty Boys versus Harlem Heat (w/ Sister Sherri)


  • Ring announcer Gary Michael Cappetta introduced Harlem Heat but only Sister Sherri emerged.
  • Sherri captured the Nasty Boys’ attention toward the entranceway so that Harlem Heat could attack from behind.
  • Booker T tossed Sags over the top rope letting the audience know that no disqualifications will be called in this match. Whew!
  • Leg lariat from Booker T to Knobbs.
  • Spike piledriver to Sags.
  • Mafia kick from Stevie Ray to Sags on the floor.
  • Sags rammed Booker T back-first into the steel railing.
  • Inside the ring, Knobbs clotheslined Stevie Ray. Outside Sags slammed Booker T.
  • Sherri came in the hard way.
  • She then paid a visit to Pity City. Ew.
  • All four men went down the aisle towards a concession stand.
  • After Sherri choked Sags Stevie Ray nailed him with pink cotton candy.
  • Liquid was spilled and everybody was slipping.
  • Food and condiments were everywhere. Even Bobby made a Grey Poupon joke.
  • After the funnel cake stand was demolished, Knobbs gave Booker T a powerslam.
  • Unbeknownst to the cameramen, Knobbs pinned him. Craig Leathers (the director) successfully caught the pin for the instant replay.

Rating: *1/2

Summary: Before hardcore wrestling (e.g. ECW) became popular, this type of match was its template. Although the matches between the Nasty Boys and the combination of Sullivan/Cactus Jack/Maxx Payne were infinitely better than this one, at least it was somewhat entertaining.

Match 7 Leather Strap: WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan (w/ the Renegade) versus Vader (w/ Ric Flair)


  • Buffer rumbled.
  • Harley Race could no longer manage Vader due to a hip replacement he underwent in January caused by a car accident. While still in retirement, Flair, wearing a t-shirt and khakis, seconded Vader.
  • All show long Tony and Bobby questioned the whereabouts of Jimmy Hart.
  • Renegade appeared to be MIA as well until…
  • Hard rock music played the Renegade to the ring. Gee, this guy didn’t have big shoes to fill, did he?
  • Renegade subdued Flair as Hogan and Vader fought at ringside.
  • Vader was the first victim of the strap.
  • Unfortunately, Flair was the second victim.
  • Flair chopped Renegade, but the Warrior clone no-sold it and chased him down the entranceway.
  • Vader tried to take a powder but Renegade tossed him back in.
  • Running body block by Vader.
  • Make that 2.
  • Vader bomb.
  • After Vader whipped Hogan with the strap, Jimmy Hart emerged with his clothes torn.
  • By this point, Hogan wasn’t wearing the strap.
  • Vader attempted to level Hogan with a chair, but Hart stopped him.
  • The Hart distraction allowed Hogan to give Vader a chair shot.
  • Make that 2.
  • Make that 3.
  • And a running chair shot made that 4.
  • Hogan then reattached the strap.
  • Another chair shot by Hogan.
  • Hogan pulled the strap causing Vader to hit the ring post. OUCH!
  • Make that twice.
  • Make that thrice.
  • Another chair shot by Hogan.
  • With Hogan and Vader on the floor, Flair and Renegade occupied the ring.
  • Much to his chagrin, Flair tried a shoulder block and hit the canvas himself.
  • Hogan tossed Vader over the top rope to the floor. By proxy he had to follow him.
  • He then slammed Vader on the floor.
  • Hogan tried to drag Vader around the ring in order to touch all four corners.
  • Before Hogan could drag Vader to the third corner, Vader used momentum to make Hogan eat the steel railing. Appropriately, it tasted like the smashburger at the Neon Pig.
  • Make that twice. Must’ve been a big burger.
  • Back in the ring, Vader gave Hogan a chokeslam.
  • Splash by Vader.
  • Vertical suplex by Vader.
  • Hogan no-sold it.
  • Big boot.
  • Leg drop.
  • After Hogan touched three corners on his way to victory, a masked man ran in and delivered a chair shot to the Renegade.
  • Flair then entered the ring and nailed Hogan with a balsa wood chair.
  • Seeing the Renegade get up, Flair went outside the ring and walloped him with the balsa wood chair splintering it.
  • As Vader hit the third corner, Flair made Renegade eat the steel railing. Tasted like the Apalachicola oysters at Kermit’s Outlaw Kitchen.
  • Before Vader can touch the fourth corner, however, Flair convinced him to splash Hogan with the balsa wood chair underneath him. Vader mounted the second turnbuckle, tumbled, and missed.
  • After Flair dragged Vader out of the ring, he obtained a second balsa wood chair (is Tupelo known for these?) and hammered Hogan with it. The chair shattered upon impact.
  • Hulk-up time!
  • Flair received a lashing then the big boot.
  • Hogan then hooked Flair with the strap and touched all four corners to win the match?
  • How is that legal?

Rating: *1/2

Summary: OK, who booked this? If Hogan didn’t want to job during the previous month to a powerbomb then a gimmick match where Hogan didn’t have to lie down would have been the optimal place where Hogan jobs, right? Nope, not even in a NON-TITLE match. Pure speculation on my part believes that Hogan got wind that Diesel wasn’t jobbing his title at WrestleMania; therefore, Hogan needed to look strong too. Oh, and Vader couldn’t look weak, so let’s make Flair look stupid, OK? Methinks the Hogan experiment in WCW isn’t working as well booking-wise as it is money-wise.

After the match, Vader gives Hogan a running body block followed by an elbow drop to the back. Both men try to double-team Hogan, but a double clothesline by Hogan ends that threat. Renegade wields a chair and enters the ring to create a stalemate. Another masked man runs in with a chair and stands by Flair and Vader.

Meanwhile, Arn Anderson in masked man attire is bound and gagged, but makes his way down the aisle. The masked man in the ring then nails Vader and Flair. He unmasks to reveal himself as…”Macho Man” Randy Savage!

Conclusion: Can you say concept show, boys and girls? That’s what this crappy show was. Almost inexplicably,this terrible show garnered a good buyrate. Ric Flair, ever the model WCW employee, bent over backwards to assist Hogan in getting over with the WCW crowd. In my eyes, he was just abused. Dressed in drag and forced to be an active participant (and take the loss) in the main event despite not being Hogan’s antagonist was complete shenanigans, I tell ya. If I can say anything good about this show, it’s that Sting and Savage brought the goods, and that Badd-Anderson match was somewhat better than the Mr. T-Piper match back at WM II. If you’ve never seen this show, be forewarned that no great matches exist within; otherwise, skip it!

Buyrate: 0.96

So where did it lead:  Considering it was an Eric Bischoff production with several limitations placed upon it, this show was unable to be truly hardcore. In fact, compared to ECW, this show was quite tepid. Next week, we’ll examine just how far Hulk Hogan’s creative control reached before he made one of the best decisions of his career.

What did you think of the inaugural Uncensored? If you’ve not seen it, check it out on the WWE Network.

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