Most Annoying Feedback

Hi, Scott. In your many years of covering wrestling, which group(s)’ feedback/messages/comments annoy you the most?

You could answer in terms of people who (dis)like a certain wrestler, type of wrestling (e.g. "push the cruiserweights") or a promotion, people (like me) who write too frequently and at too great a length, people who come up with wacky fantasy booking ideas, or whatever grouping you’d like.


​Hoo boy. I’m sure everyone knows the basic laundry list of what I hate talking about by now. Let’s be positive! Here’s what I enjoy reading for feedback and what will typically prompt me to actually post an e-mail:

First up, ​I love specific feedback on what people enjoy and what they don’t. I had lots of people e-mail me just to say "I love the Observer Flashbacks and the style you write them in, please keep doing them" and that’s awesome. Usually I’m just flailing around in the dark for a lot of this stuff.

Now, what are the keys to getting an e-mail published?

First up, I do the Q&A portion on weekday mornings before I go to work, and typically I have about 30 minutes to have my morning coffee and check my mail before I need to head out. So since I usually try to post 3 questions every morning, that means I have limited time. Also, I post via an e-mail gateway, so I’m just forwarding the mail and adding formatting, sometimes from my phone. Which is all to say that brevity is the soul of wit. If you can condense it to down to one or two sentences and get to the point quickly, you’ll probably get it posted. As much as I enjoy lengthy multiple point questions, they take me forever to break up and re-format and I’ll usually just move on. I never delete anything, by the way, and only move it to Gmail’s archives after I’ve answered it. Odd as it sounds, I’d rather get four e-mails of short questions so I can pick and choose at my leisure, rather than one long one where I just leave it for months and forget to come back to it later.

Also, try to be topical. If it’s something I’ve been talking about in the 88-89 Observers, for instance, it’s much more likely I’ll want to keep talking about it while it’s fresh in my mind. Similarly, if it’s a question about the current product, it’s much more likely I’ll answer something where the show is coming up right away or just happened. Also, as noted, posts where you’re fantasy booking or asking me to fantasy book probably won’t get posted anytime soon. Also, I watch RAW in the form of the YouTube highlight segment, so if you’re looking for my opinions on what happened on Monday night, you’re probably not going to get anything from me.

So yeah:

1) Keep it short.
2) Keep it topical.
3) If you have separate thoughts, just send separate e-mails.