Harley Race WWF

Please tell me me everything there there is to know about the Race jump to the WWF. Now 9yr old me saw just another old mid-card card guy kinda like a Valentine. Years later though I realize the legend of Race. Was he content with the King gimmick because he was making a final run & making money? He was a HUGE Crockett name, and had a PERFECT gimmick for at least a run versus Hogan, & for those in the know, it would’ve been a dream match in 1986 especially, had it been simply "Handsome"Harley Race. Was he ever meant for more than a mid-card jobber with a cheesy gimmick, especially considering who he was? A proper Hogan run ever in the cards? Seems like Vince could’ve gotten much more out of Harley. Maybe feuds with Piper, Steamboat, Roberts or Savage.

Pretty impressive how Vince can devalue Harley Race & Dusty Rhodes in succession, Flair dodge a bullet or what?

​If you think Race had any value left in him whatsoever by the time he got there in 86, you’re sadly mistaken. The King gimmick basically saved his career and actually did give him a decent house show run against Hogan to make a few bucks. Race was completely broken down and as far as I know was totally happy doing the midcard heel with easy bumps thing.

Vince did famously try to steal Race before Starrcade 83 and that might have been interesting, but between the Flair loss and his WWF debut, Race fell so far down the ladder that there was no "dream match" with Hogan left anyway. ​