Telegraphing the brand split

Doesn’t the wording of the stipulation regarding the WM HIAC give away the ending?? The fact that it’s for, ‘The control of Raw, and subsequently the entire WWE’ is not only contrived, but a dead giveaway. If it was for ‘control of the WWE,’ at least we would be a LITTLE better.

​I dunno, I don’t feel like it’s a particularly believable stip anyway, especially when we just had the Authority "lose power" a little while ago and then gain it back six weeks later like nothing happened. The heat should be on the Roman-HHH match anyway, not the Shane match. HHH is the one assuming all the risk in his title defense, not Roman. If Roman loses he’ll probably just get another title shot anyway. That’s why they should have thrown all the guns behind the match and had the control of RAW be on the line.

This whole show just feels ice cold to me. ​