PWG All-Star Weekend XI, Night Two

December 12, 2015

From the American Legion Post #308 in Reseda, CA

Your announcers are Chris Hero and Excalibur



Chuck Taylor vs. Kikutaro

Kikutaro calls out Taylor then kicks him low. He tries a slam but Taylor falls on top and gets the win (0:04) NR. After the match, Taylor walks to the back but Kikutaro calls him back and gets the crowd chanting “one more match.” Taylor returns and asks for more money as they joke about that on commentary.

Thoughts: A quick, surprising match that set up the immediate rematch. Kikutaro was quite funny here.



Kikutaro vs. Chuck Taylor

Kikutaro kicks Taylor low again and tries a slam but Taylor falls on top but this time Kikutaro kicks out. Taylor works the arm as Kikutaro fails to escape. Taylor sends Kikutaro down with a shoulder block before sending him out with a dropkick. Kikutaro slowly walks away to avoid a pescado. Back inside, Kikutaro lands some Baba chops but Taylor comes back with a Eat Defeat. Kikutaro rolls away from a moonsault then tries to kick Taylor in the groin but is stopped by the referee. He pushes the ref, who pushes back as Kikutaro falls and headbutts Taylor in the nuts. Kikutaro tells us that Taylor is “bad”  then goes to work in the corner. Kikutaro eats boot on a charge……….twice. The crowd chants one more time as he gets booted again then demands the ref charges. He ends up whipping the ref into Taylor with an elbow smash then charges again but gets booted for the 4th time and does the Flair Flop. Taylor misses a moonsault but lands on his feet as Kikutaro has no clue. Taylor sells like he hit the mat and lures him into a small package for two. They trade chops until Kikutaro tricks Taylor into looking at the ceiling and punches him. Taylor grabs a waistlock but that gets broken up by a low blow after Kikutaro distracted the referee. Kikutaro does the Flair strut but Taylor gets revenge and hits him low. Kikutaro boots the ref low then they exchange really weak chops. Kikutaro gets Taylor up for the Burning Hammer then just drops him and knees Taylor in the ass. Kikutaro demands silence as he thanks the crowd while grabbing Taylor in a front facelock. He then tells us this is his finisher but Taylor turns that into a suplex. Kikutaro once again eats boot on a charge then ends up getting accidentally clotheslined by the referee as Taylor rolls him up with a bridge for the win (9:23) ***. After the match, Kikutaro grabs the mic and thanks Taylor. He extends his hand and shakes it, without kicking him low. Taylor leaves as Kikutaro thanks the crowd, who love him. He then tells the crowd about his merchandise and closes by saying he will come to the United States again. However, Mount Rushmore 2.o runs in and beats on Kikutaro as the crowd boos.

Thoughts: Really fun comedy match. Kikutaro really is a great comedy character and Taylor is hilarious himself and these two had some tremendous chemistry. This was lots of fun.



“The Villain” Marty Scurll vs. Timothy Thatcher

Thatcher grounds Scurll, who is able to escape then struts around and mocks Thatcher with a sarcastic clap. Scurll then yells at the crowd for calling him “Party Marty,” his old gimmick. Back inside, they fight over a Japanese strangle hold. Scurll manages a rollup then backs Thatcher into the corner by crawling. Thatcher sends Scurll down with an uppercut. Thatcher blocks a chicken wing then applies a Fujiwara armbar. Thatcher rolls out and slams Scurll’s head off of the apron but gets kneed in the head. Scurll comes back with a tope then an apron super kick. Back inside, Scurll goes to work. He uses a lot of theatrics while applying holds. Thatcher fights back and hits rolling gutwrench suplexes. Impressive. The crowd chants for Thatcher as Scurll tries to fight back. Thatcher hits a butterfly suplex then locks on the Fujiwara armbar but Scurll was able to break free. Scurll fakes out Thatcher and hits him with a low kick. Scurll hits a powerbomb after a struggle and gets two as both men are down. Scurll calls for the chicken wing but Thatcher blocks that and once again tries for the Fujiwara armbar. Scurll lands kicks while on his back but Thatcher catches his leg and turns that into an ankle lock. Scurll rolls through that and hits a reverse rollup. Scurll then locks on the chicken wing but Thatcher is able to reach the ropes. The announcers talk about Thatcher having a cross-country flight and just landed today while Scurll breaks his fingers. Scurll then takes Thatcher down and puts him in the Cattle Mutilation. The crowd chants for Thatcher, who turns it into the Fujiwara armbar. Scurll escapes and lands a super kick then a basement dropkick. Thatcher keeps getting pissed off as Scurll fires away until Thatcher headbutts him in the chest for the win (17:05) ***1/4.

Thoughts: Good match, although the ending was underwhelming. Thatcher’s insane facial expression while in pain is always great and Scurll never fails to entertain. Plus, these two can go in the ring.



Tomasso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano vs. Unbreakable F’N Machines

The match starts with a subpar reversal sequence between Gargano and Elgin. Their timing was off here. Elgin ends up running through Gargano then Ciampa comes in and suffers the same fate. Gargano ducks a strike and hits a rolling kick but Elgin presses him then uses just one arm before tossing him down. Elgin hits a corner clothesline before putting Gargano in a vertical suplex then the Machines tag out while holding him up until Cage finally hits the move after a pair of squats. Ciampa tags and mocks Cage with squats but gets booted and they trade off Ciampa as well. Gargano breaks up a deadlift superplex by Cage then goes to work on his leg. They have Cage in the corner and continuously hit him with running kicks. Gargano & Ciampa are heeling on the crowd while Hero talks about his friends suffering from post-concussion syndrome. Cage fights back and hits Gargano with a TKO before making the tag. Elgin runs wild on Gargano, even hitting a slingshot splash. Elgin hits rolling German suplexes on both guys then while Gargano grabs his partner, Elgin hits them both with a German in a very contrived spot. Cage makes a blind tag and hits Gargano with an Alabama Slam. Gargano gets beat down until Cimapa runs in and tosses Elgin outside. Cage and Ciampa exchange chops and that leads to a reversal sequence ending with Gargano hitting a spear from the apron. Gargano gets caught by both Machines trying a tope then tossed at his own partner who was flying out for the save. Cage gets launched into a knee strike on the apron by Ciampa. Gargano almost gets the win with a slingshot DDT as Elgin broke that up as all four men are down. Elgin is up first and attacks both men, even flipping them the bird. After that they all trade strikes without much rhyme or reason until Ciampa lands a nearfall with a bridging rollup. Cage has Ciampa on his shoulders then catches Gargano and hits him with a fallaway slam as the crowd goes nuts. The Machines hit stereo super delayed vertical suplexes and after that Elgin puts Ciampa away with a sitout powerbomb (16:31) **3/4

Thoughts: I liked this a little bit better than the Machines/Wolves match from Night One, mostly due to the fact it was shorter. Still, this match did not have much flow and there were an awful lot of contrived spots here. Sure, there was some cool stuff but these matches with the Machines need more psychology as its all repetitive: smaller opponents need a few minutes to figure out how to overcome their power and they all end up trading moves after that.



Mark Andrews vs. Ricochet

Chuck Taylor is now on commentary. The crowd starts dueling chants as Ricochet grounds Andrews. They trade wristlocks until engaging in a reversal sequence ending with Ricochet hitting a back handspring headscissor takedown. Andrews comes back with a wild spinning headscissor takedown then hits a bulldog for a nearfall. Ricochet hits an enziguiri then stretches out an upside-down Andrews briefly before dropping him. Basement dropkick gets two then he applies a surfboard. Andrews tries to fight out and does in an incredibly fast sequence that sees him hit a quebradora before landing a double stomp. Ricochet rolls out as Andrews slingshots outside with a hurricarana. Back inside, Andrews hits a Northern Lights Suplex then rolls through that and hits a standing sky twister for two. Ricochet breaks out of a full nelson and hits an elbow smash. He then hits an Ace Crusher before getting a nearfall with a standing shooting star press. Andrews fights out of a fireman’s carry then counters a suplex with a stunner but Ricochet immediately hits a bridging suplex for two. He boots Andrews in the face then catches him with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall. Andrews rolls away from a Phoenix Splash and snaps off a rana for two. Andrews then hits an inverted rana before almost getting the win with a springboard rana. Andrews heads up top and misses the Shooting Star Press. Andrews blocks the Benadryller but Ricochet connects with a roundhouse kick before finally hitting the Benadryller for the win (10:49) ***1/4.

Thoughts: Another good match. This was wrestled at a slower pace than you would think. Part of that is due to the fact that Andrews is tiny that just about anyone he faces gets to play the stronger of the two. Things didnt get crazy fast until the last few minutes but these guys did a fine job.



Trevor Lee vs. “Reborn” Matt Sydal

Lee’s sneak attack fails as Sydal works him over in the corner. The crowd applauds Sydal, who continues his assault. Back inside, Sydal snaps off a pair of ranas but Lee catches the third attempt as Sydal rolls through that for two. Sydal works the leg of Lee then applies the Muta Lock. Lee comes back with an elbow smash then a standing stomp for two. Lee stomps Sydal in the corner as the crowd does not approve. The action heads outside as Lee jaws with the fans after beating on Sydal. Back inside, Lee tosses Sydal across the ring then yells “you listen to me, motherfucker” as he puts Sydal in the corner. Lee blocks a rana while on top but is caught with a spinning heel kick in midair as both men are down. Sydal comes back with a barrage of kicks. He hits the slice then gets two with a standing moonsault as both men are down. Lee hits a deadlift German suplex after dodging a few attacks. Lee lands a few punches but Sydal comes back with a knee strike. Lee reverses a crossbody in midair and gets two as both men are down again. They fight up top as Sydal knocks Lee but lands on his feet after missing a shooting star press. Sydal snaps off a rana for a nearfall then they both trade strikes until Sydal hits a reverse hurricarana. Sydal heads up top for the SSP but Lee got his knees up then puts Sydal in a small package for the win (13:20) ***.

Thoughts: Solid match. Lee’s heel act is improving here. There was a decent-sized portion of the match that went big move, both guys down, then get up and hit another big move as they both lay down and that got old. Anyway, Sydal is tremendous in the ring and Lee’s heeling is getting better in PWG. He is really young and I’d like to see him in other promotions besides TNA to get more of an idea where his buzz is coming from.



Kenny Omega vs. Will Ospreay

Omega fucks around for a bit then works the arm. Ospreay takes him over but Omega uses an eye poke then goes to work in the corner. Omega charges and goes for the EX Hadouken but Ospreay ducks and blocks the move, leading to a funny moment where Omega taps Ospreay on the shoulder and offers a handshake as Ospreay reluctantly accepts but pokes Omega in the eye. They have a fast-paced Irish whip sequence that ends with Omega taking him out with a baseball slide. Ospreay ducks a move and ends up backing Omega into the corner after teasing a roundhouse kick as the crowd goes nuts. Ospreay sidesteps a charge with a cartwheel as Omega flies outside. Ospreay hits an apron dropkick but back inside gets caught coming off of the top and eats an clothesline. Omega sends Ospreay outside then flies out with a tope con hilo as the fans applaud. In the ring, Omega rakes Ospreay’s eyes across the ropes. He puts on an abdominal stretch then proceeds to twist Ospreay’s nipples. Omega then gives Ospreay a pink belly on the mat. Ospreay hits a jawbreaker but gets caught in midair as Omega hits a running powerslam. Omega then revs up the “chainsaw” but Omega blocks that and backs Omega into the corner. Ospreay then lowers it to his groin as Omega sells it like on the mat in agony while the crowd chants “holy shit.” Ospreay comes back with a handspring enziguiri before hitting a springboard dropkick. Omega ends up outside as Ospreay flies out with a springboard corkscrew moonsault. They head into the ring as Ospreay plants Omega with a tornado DDT then gets a nearfall with a running corkscrew splash. The crowd starts up a “this is awesome” chant. Omega counters a front flip DDT with a backdrop then hits a Northern Lights Driver for two. Ospreay fights out of a Dragon Suplex attempt but Omega chops him and clubs away. Ospreay manages a rollup for two but Omega comes back with an enziguiri then a snap Dragon Suplex for two. They fight up top as Ospreay gets shoved off but jumps back up and snaps off a rana for two as the crowd goes nuts. Ospreay heads back up and rolls through a Phoenix Splash but runs into the EX Hadouken. Omega catches Ospreay with a Doctor Bomb for two but has the One-Winged Angel countered as Ospreay comes back with a flipping Rock Bottom for two. Ospreay comes back with an Ace Crusher for two then heads back up top but Omega got his knees up on a corkscrew Shooting Star Press attempt then hits a bicycle knee smash before finishing him off with the One-Winged Angel (16:19) ***3/4.  After the match, Omega lets the crowd know that the best place to test himself is to come to the promotion where the best reside, which is PWG. They all applaud him.

Thoughts: Damn. After the comedy spots ended, these two went all out and it became great. The story was that Omega didnt take Ospreay seriously and messed around with him at the start until Ospreay fought back. The comedy stuff here at the beginning might turn off some people, who would think its lame, but these two went all out in the ring. And honestly, there was a bit too much fucking around here as if they cut out some of that, these two could have had a classic.



Mt. Rushmore 2.0 is now in the ring. Strong first thanks the Young Bucks for the tassles they gave him, which are small, as the crowd chants “shitty little tassles.” He then acknowledges Cole being part of the group and how it doesnt matter if he likes him because the Young Bucks do an that is what counts. After that, he hits the announcer with a high knee then the ref gets kicked and the other competitors run out for a brawl.



Mt. Rushmore 2.0 vs. “Speedball” Mike Bailey & Chris Hero & World’s Cutest Tag Team 

This starts out with everyone brawling. Mt. Rushmore is in control at this point as Matt is whacking Ryan with the belt as Cole is using dirty heel tactics on LeRae. In the ring, Hero fights and hits the Bucks with roaring elbows then while having one of them in position for an Alabama Slam, takes the other and hits a piledriver. Hero is cleaning house until he gets caught with a double super kick by the Bucks then dropped on the apron with a back suplex. After that they do a trainwreck spot ending with Bailey hitting everyone with a shooting star press to the outside. In the ring, LeRae is beating on Nick until Matt makes the save. Bailey comes in and they are in control until getting yanked outside by Cole and Strong then tossed against the apron. Matt calls for a super kick party as Ryan uses his dick strength but Nick breaks that up then Strong hands over the Bucks thumbtacks as they dump that down Ryan’s trunks and boot him in the dick. The ref gets tossed inside as he gets hit with a super kick. Mt. Rushmore are all standing tall in the ring as Hero comes inside and proceeds to fight them all off until getting attacked by all four guys at once. Mt. Rushmore then hits Bailey and LeRae with a double Indy Taker to the floor. They now yell at Excalibur and head towards him until he flies off the stage with a somersault plancha. After that, we had no more commentary for the rest of the show. In the ring, Excalibur and Cole have a staredown as Cole gets hit with a low blow after taunting him with the “suck it” chants. In the ring, the lights go off then the crowd goes mental as they turn on as Kyle O’Reilly is there and he goes nuts on Cole. The Bucks hit him with a super kick but he comes back with a rebound double clothesline. Cole ends up hitting O’Reilly with a chair as he was beating on Strong but Bailey comes back with a trash barrel shot then puts that on Cole’s head and hits him with his rapid fire kicks as the crowd is going insane. Bailey heads up top but gets a chair thrown at him and falls to the outside. In the ring, LeRae hits Nick with rolling crotch lift suplexes. Matt breaks it up but LeRae hits him with a sunset bomb. Strong drills her with a kick then calls for some chairs. He sets up four of them almost like a table then lays a 5th chair on top before tossing her on top with a suplex. The crowd boos Strong as he poses, even starting a “fuck you, Roddy” chant as others tried to make it dueling. Cole brings in a ladder and starts going nuts, even destroying O’Reilly. Cole then climbs the ladder but Bailey yanks him off and hits a roundhouse kick. Bailey then jumps off the ladder backwards and hits a reverse hurricairana. He misses a shooting star knee drop then the Bucks rough him up with some weapons. The Bucks hit a few double team moves on Bailey involving the ladder then start beating on Hero with about 25 turnbuckle smashes. Hero is bleeding from his forehead as he walks out of the corner then eats a double super kick. The Bucks set up a table on the outside as LeRae dives outside and hits Cole with a DDT. Strong breaks it up and attempts to hit her with an apron suplex but O’Reilly makes the save and puts Strong in a hanging front facelock as they both go off and through the table. Inside, Hero avoids a super kick as the Bucks hit each other. Kikutaro then comes down and gives Hero a spiked elbow pad but the Bucks take Hero down then try to hit Indy Takers but fail due to run-ins . Ryan comes back to spear Nick to the floor then hits the Doomsday Device on Matt with the referee. Excalibur comes back to hit Matt with a double underhook piledriver then Hero hits the roaring elbow after that for the win (26:24) ***1/2. After the match, all of the winners, along with O’Reilly, Excalibur, and the referee, thanked the fans and vowed to rid PWG of Mt. Rushmore.

Thoughts: The match itself was all action and entertaining. Everyone did their roles well in that regard. However, the run-ins by O’Reilly and Excalibur became too much and giving the faces a 6-4 advantage (7-4 if you count the referee) against the hated heel faction, just makes zero sense at all, no matter the wrestling promotion. Dont get me wrong, there was not a dull moment and it was fun but due to all of that, I cannot consider this a classic.



Mt. Rushmore 2.o is backstage, talking about how they thought screwed. Well, they have a point. Strong talks about being at the next show while the Bucks will be at the Tokyo Dome for NJPW. The show was the Lemmy show, which was held on 1/2/16. They continue to show friction between Strong and Cole.



Final Thoughts: The show was good and both nights were entertaining. However, it paled in comparison to their last show, BOLA 2015. I thought both nights suffered from an overabundance of comedy. Its fine for a comedy match, like with Kikutaro, but the whole weekend seemed to shoehorn that into just about everything. They did have some storyline stuff with Mount Rushmore and maybe an O’Reilly/Cole PWG match in the future, which is always a good thing. Other highlights include the improving heel work by Trevor Lee and the European talent such as Scurll, Ospreay, and Andrews, who are bursting with talent, especially the first two mentioned. Overall, I recommend this DVD.



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