Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

And a posthumous honor for the Big Bossman to be sure. He really did have a nice run, at least the first time around, in the WWF and he was one of the best big man workers on this side of the world for a minute there in 1991 and 1992. Really should have gotten the I-C strap in the 1991 program vs. the Heenan family. As for his second run…let’s forget the hanging incident at Wrestlemania 15 please. The one positive that came out of Bossman’s second run was the poem he wrote for Big Show’s dead father.

Speaking of Big Show, I caught his podcast with Austin on the Network and I don’t know what the blog reaction was but I thought it was interesting. It was surprising he felt like he didn’t have a right to challenge the way he was booked because he wasn’t “smart” enough but he was aware that he generally hasn’t been booked well. And talking about his constant heel-face turns he’s right when he said his character should have had more integrity. That’s probably a big reason (beyond merch sales) why Cena doesn’t turn. He has a trust from the young fans in the audience and when you break that trust there’s no turning back. I understand that point. Many times Austin said he should have continued his face run at Wrestlemania 17 by just giving Vince the stunner and kept that bond with his fans. Even though most of us enjoyed his heel run of 2001, especially the promos, when he turned back he was still very much over but he wasn’t the same kind of over he was the first time. He couldn’t re-capture that magic.

Anyway, RAW is on tonight so we can see who Triple H will beat the crap out of? Maybe it’s the Usos or Afa and Sika or all four and toss in Rikishi for giggles.

Keep it clean!