Juicing up the main event

You said that they’ll probably "juice up the main event" and hinted at Rock’s involvement, but that backfired hilariously at the Rumble last year and the crowd still booed the heck out of Roman. The only guy I think who could pull out a face reaction in Dallas is Austin. Having Austin AND Rock there to counter Vince AND Shawn Michaels (Triple H’s buddy) would make it a spectacular Schmozz a la HHH/Sting. Then you could do Stunner into the Spear as an ending. No way the Texas crowd boos Austin… Right???

​It’s kind of weird, because they announced a couple of months ago that Rock would be at Wrestlemania doing something, and then never actually said what that would be. And now we’re a few weeks out of the show and we still don’t know what he’s supposed to be doing there and ticket sales are not exactly brisk at the moment. You’d think now would be a great time to have him in Reigns’ corner or, you know, come up with some kind of effective story for the Reigns-HHH match to make people actually want to see it.

And if they try to have Austin endorse Reigns, I’m pretty sure Texas WOULD boo him.​