Squash Matches

Hey Scott,

I was just watching the Midnight Express squash match on the 12-28-85 NWA TV and they look absolutely vicious and evil. But they didn’t wrestle any kind of dangerous match or have to beat anyone of any kind of value. I would have absolutely wanted to get a ticket to watch them wrestle live after seeing that. It’s a great infomercial for a wrestling act.

Do you think that there could be room for a new small promotion that could just air squash matches on TV and then advertise for live shows to go see the stars fight each other? And without ever really matching up the stars on TV at anytime?

Not only would the TV be something different than any other wrestling show on TV but it would basically be a commercial for your little tour. I would think this would be ideally done in one market to start with. Pick any kind of old territory area and run the show on some local cable thing in that area and just tour VFWs and stuff around there (and maybe a little bigger even). Is this an idea that could have any kind of viability in 2016 or am I living in the past? (For the sake of the argument assume they could get some kind of low rent type local cable station TV deal)

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

​Kind of like how Conor got squashed by Nate Diaz last night? HIGH FIVE! Anyone?

Anyway, you’re living in the past. Like with your NWA TV example, even by 87-88 ratings were plummeting for the squash-promo-squash format and the network was forcing them to put bigger matches on the shows. Some squash matches are fine for specific purposes of building up new talent, but the kind of TV show you’re describing died out for a very good reason. ​