Roadblock a Roadmap to a Different WrestleMania Card?

Hi Scott,

The announced card for Roadblock next Saturday seems to raise some questions about whether WWE is suddenly rethinking its booking for WrestleMania. I’m not suggesting that Ambrose walks out with the title, but it looks like there’s a few ways things could go:

– Lesnar dispatches of Wyatt, then interferes in the title match to cost Ambrose, furthering that storyline. WrestleMania continues along unchanged.

– Lesnar/Wyatt ends in some kind of DQ finish with the Wyatt Family interfering, restoring the original Lesnar/Wyatt match for Mania. Meanwhile, Ambrose/HHH ends with Hunter cheating to win, setting up a triple threat at Mania.

– Everything gets melded together and we end up with a fatal four-way between Lesnar/Ambrose/Reigns/HHH for the title.

Not saying that things will change — and maybe the Bray/Brock match is just there to close that loop — but it seems like WWE could be setting itself up to make some last-minute changes. Do you think this is possible or likely, or am I just reading far too much into this?

​I think Occam’s Razor (Ramon) of booking applies here: The simplest explanation is the most likely. In this case, Ambrose puts up a big fight against HHH and loses to the Pedigree after Brock does something dastardly to him, thus keeping everyone at the same strength they entered the show at. I really think if they were gonna change their minds, it would have been at Fastlane.