Fantasy booking


I’m baffled what happens at Mania without it ending with 100,000 people (yeah right!) booing the shit out of whichever match they finish with, so here’s what I propose (which I have no faith in them to do):

How about Reigns vs HHH doesn’t main event, Reigns goes over and everyone boos the f*ck out of it as predicted. Then Shane vs Taker main event, as the company’s / Raw’s ownership is on the line. Shane seemingly has no chance to win as it’s Taker and it’s He’ll in a Cell, so there’s gotta be a run in of some sort. So, how about Reigns interferes on Shane’s behalf, Shane wins and he and Reigns turn heel at the expense of the beloved Taker. The show ends in boos, but in an appropriate way.

I’m not sure what happens with the Authority/Vince, though… Maybe they all get behind their actual chosen one Reigns (finally!) and Taker is still around for Extreme Rules to put over Reigns as a bona fide heel and then you’ve got the popular Ambrose and Brock as next-in-lines?


​People, Roman Reigns turning heel is not the magic bullet to fix their problems with him. He’s gonna get booed out of the stadium, we already know that, and turning him heel just gives you a boring heel Reigns instead of a boring babyface. They need to fix the character first and then worry about merchandise sales. He’s just not the guy! Someone else is gonna have to be the guy and they’re gonna have to figure it out, and while they’re pushing The Guy, they can hopefully rehab Reigns and get him ready to be The Guy. And I’m afraid that’s gonna mean going back to Cena again for a long while. Hopefully I’m wrong.