5 star Cena


For a guy smart fans tend to dislike overall, Cena has sure wrestled in some four and five star classics. MitB with Punk, SummerSlam with Bryan, WrestleMania and the Raw rematch with HBK, and several of the U.S. Open Challenge series (Owens, Cesaro, Neville, and Zayn were all memorable stand outs). You can only make so much of an argument that he’s benefitting from superior workers when we all know these guys aren’t going to drag the same caliber of match out of, say, Ryback (well, Cesaro did, but I digress).

Is the perpetual "lol Cena wins" booking of the last decade the reason so many fans are still sour on Cena in spite of the fact that his overall body of work is better than other top guys from prior eras combined (even Austin’s truly great matches aren’t incredibly numerous, though he didn’t have the sheer depth of talent to work with that Cena has), or is there something else to it? Is Cena a guy that history is going to be more kind to than a Hogan or Warrior?


​Well, of course Cena’s a great worker in the clutch. No one’s arguing against that. ​It’s absolutely the booking that’s making people dislike him so much and the constant focus on him at the expense of every other story around him.