How You Doin’?

It seems like Enzo & Big Cass are long overdue for a move to the main roster and I was curious as to when it’s finally going to happen?

My suggestion would be to have the League of Nations win the Tag Titles at WrestleMania, but Enzo & Cass debut the next night and win them in front of the Smarkamania crowd. The pop alone would make them look like stars to those not too familiar with them yet. Plus it sets up New Day v. Enzo & Cass over the summer, which I think everyone is on board with.

That said, when do the Usos get the belts back?

I think the shine is actually off the Usos after the injury derailed them for months.

As for Enzo and Cass moving up, I dunno if it’s ever happening. I guess we’ll find out if they win the NXT belts at Roadblock. But really it should have been months ago if it was going to happen.