Ambrose By Comparison

Hi, Scott. How much of the Ambrose support do you think is only due to him not being Roman Reigns? Do you think that people really want Dean to be the top guy regardless of alternatives, or are people rallying around Ambrose simply because he is the only guy who might plausibly win the title instead of Reigns based on current storylines?

If the big main event push (let’s ignore the "face of the company for the next decade" stuff and just say the alternative had been built/protected for a while to build to a Mania main event) had involved, say, Owens or a babyface-turning/non-injured Seth or a NXT call-up instead, would there still be this much of a push to add Dean to the main event?

​Eh, I don’t see it as any kind of Daniel Bryan-style grassroots campaign or anything. Dean has clearly been portrayed as being at a certain level and no higher, and while people would be happy to see him get the title and get a run with it, I don’t think anyone is losing sleep if he’s not in the main event. Kind of like Mick Foley in 98/99. ​