Sentimental Favorites

The Wrestlemania Top Ten feature had me thinking about how, even though I’ve enjoyed the actual wrestling on other cards more, and there have been events that, top-to-bottom, have worked better and were more enjoyable, I’ll never have a more sentimental favorite than Wrestlemania X. It was, when I bought it, the newest tape I’d ever bought (I got it in ’96 when I’d just started watching wrestling, and I could only afford to buy tapes from local video stores’ discount bins; this led to a TON of Hogan era tapes), and the one I’ve watched more times than any other. I even have fond memories of Savage-Crush and the Mixed Tag Midget Match (the former of which I can still remember most of the pinfalls, though I haven’t watched either match in at least 17 years).

What’s the show that, for irrational, emotional, and/or sentimental reasons is your favorite, even though you know there are others that are better?

​Wrestlemania VI. Hogan loses, it’s at Skydome (my most favorite of domes), Andre turns babyface again, Hogan loses, ring carts are badass, Hogan loses, etc. Last WM that the WWF aired on closed circuit here in Canada, too.​