PWG All Star Weekend XI, Night One

December 11, 2015

From American Legion Post #308 in Reseda, CA

Your hosts are Excalibur and Joey Ryan



Mark Andrews vs. Chuck Taylor

Taylor mocks Andrews’ entrance then stares him down after backflipping off of the top rope. Taylor toys with Andrews to start then they take it to the mat. Taylor works a hammerlock but Andrews messes with him by dancing around then reverses the hold. Andrews lands on the apron after Taylor tried to toss him out then slingshots in with a Mexican armdrag. Andrews hits a dropkick before a flying headscissors then a hurricarana as Taylor bails. Taylor sweeps Andrews legs then drags him outside and smashes his head off of the apron. He yells at the fans to move away but Andrews gets whipped towards the apron but swings around 619 style and kicks Taylor. Andrews flies out with a tope but Taylor catches that and just tosses him onto the apron with a suplex. Back inside, Taylor overpowers the much smaller Andrews. Taylor runs into a boot but blocks a swinging DDT attempt and hits a Falcon Arrow for a nearfall. Andrews counters a suplex with a stunner as both men are down. Andrews catches Taylor with a kick then hits a Northern Lights Suplex and rolls through that for a standing corkscrew splash for two. Andrews charges but gets drilled with a knee smash. Andrews comes back with a swinging DDT for two. Taylor rolls back inside as Andrews lands on the apron but is able to catch Andrews in midair and turn him over for a single leg crab. Andrews manages a quick rollup for two but Taylor splatters him with a powerbomb for two. Taylor misses a moonsault then Andrews hits a bulldog. Andrews heads up top as the fans applaud but he misses a shooting star press as Taylor then hits the Awful Waffle for the win (9:20) **3/4.

Thoughts: Decent opener. Taylor could play the cocky big man role here, at 6’1 200lbs, due to Andrews being tiny (billed at 5’7 but seems a lot shorter than that). Anyway, the dynamic worked here and Taylor is always entertaining. Andrews got a chance to shine but Taylor dominated most of the match.



“The Villain” Marty Scurll vs. Ricochet

Ricochet wears a Santa hat as the fans chant “Santa Puma” but Scurll yanks it off and stomps it before tossing the hat into the crowd. Ricochet gets another hat as the crowd now chants “You hate Christmas” at Scurll. Ricochet plays with Scurll’s umbrella then they do a bit with Scurll trying to say he is Prince Puma but he keeps getting cut off as the crowd chants “we all kayfabe.”The match finally starts as they trade off working the arm. They all trade bites on the hand then Scurll has Ricochet flip himself off in a funny spot. They work a nice reversal sequence that ends with Ricochet taking Scurll down with a headscissors before hitting a dropkick. Ricochet then hits a spine buster before the People’s moonsault for two. Scurll takes a breather but Ricochet brings him back inside but takes his time as Scurll yanks him down. Scurll tosses Ricochet on the ropes but gets rammed on a charge. Ricochet then tries his handstand headscissor takedown but Scurll blocks that and kicks him in the face. Scurll takes control and gets two with a single leg dropkick to the head. He tries to mimic the People’s Moonsault but stops and yells how he cannot do a moonsault then just turns around and stomps away. Scurll works a chinlock as the crowd rallies behind Ricochet. They trade uppercuts then Ricochet hits an Ace Crusher as both men are down. Ricochet is up first and runs wild. He hits Scurll with the Benadryller before getting a nearfall with a running shooting star press for two. Scurll skins-the-cat and hits a charging Ricochet in a telegraphed spot. However, he spends too much time taunting the fans and gets booted off with a bicycle kick. Scurll dodges an apron moonsault and comes back with a super kick from the apron as Ricochet slipped on the floor. Back inside, Ricochet rolls through a chicken wing. Scurll gets his knees up on a standing SSP then hits a powerbomb for two in a nice sequence. Both men are down again then trade a flurry of strikes. Ricochet rolls through his own Northern Lights Suplex and hits a brainbuster for two. He heads up top and rolls through a Phoenix Splash. Ricochet hits a DDT and comes off of the middle rope but Scurll catches him in midair with a chicken wing. Ricochet rolls through that and hits a spinning driver for two as the crowd goes wild. Scurll escapes from Ricochet’s shoulders and snaps his fingers. Scurll tries to lock on the chicken wing but Ricochet fights out and hits some kicks before putting Scurll away with the Benadryller (16:37) ***1/2.

Thoughts: A lot of clowning around at the beginning, maybe too much for some, but this was entertaining throughout and the last five minutes of action were incredible. I just love Scurll: he always entertains and an all-around talent. I’ve said it before but if he was 5-6 inches taller, he’d be on WWE TV right now. And Ricochet was his usual great self.



American Wolves vs. Unbreakable F’n Machines (Michael Elgin & Brian Cage)

Match starts with Richards working the arm of Elgin, who takes him down with a shoulder tackle. Richards returns after a breather as Cage tags into the match. Edwards wants the tag as Richards finally does after some teasing. After some stalling, Edwards uses two arms for a test of strength. Richards comes in to help with the other arm but Cage tosses them both down as the crowd cheers. Elgin tags but gets booted by Edwards after teasing a test of strength. The Wolves try a double suplex but Elgin takes them both over as they bail. Elgin and Edwards trade strikes as Elgin’s forearm smashes look deadly. Elgin runs through Edwards after no-selling a chop. Edwards kicks Elgin in the knee before hitting a Shining Wizard for two. Richards tags and gets carried into the opposing corner. Cage tags in and peppers Richards with forearm strikes. He hits a lariat before applying a side headlock. Richards fails but break out but makes a blind tag as the Wolves hit Cage with a drop toehold/baseball slide combo. The Wolves hit Elgin with some double team moves too before Edwards chops Cage in the corner. Richards eventually puts Cage in a cloverleaf but Elgin breaks that up. Edwards tags and works a chinlock but Cage gets up and drive Edwards into the corner. Cage catches Edwards with a drop toehold and hits an 818 (619) before tagging out. Richards fails to break up a delayed vertical suplex then the Wolves get caught in stereo delayed vertical suplexes as the crowd cheers. Edwards gets hit with a pair of slingshot splashes by each of the Machines then Cage hits Edwards with a running boot. Cage hits a standing moonsault as Richards breaks up that pin. Edwards then gets hit with the Demolition Decapitation for two as Richards broke up that pin. Edwards floats over on a double back suplex then hits a double hurricarana as all three men are down. That looked nowhere near as good as the one Matt Sydal hit on the Young Bucks at the RoH 14th Anniversary PPV. Richards tags in and runs wild in both men. He kicks Elgin a bunch before heading up top. Richards rolls through a double stomp then applies a Trailer Hitch. Cage tries to break that up but gets tripped as Richards puts him in an ankle lock while maintaining his hold on Elgin. Richards hits Elgin with a German as Edwards floats over with a bridge but Cage breaks up that pin. The Wolves kick Cage down but the Machines fight back and eventually hit the Wolves with stereo deadlift delayed vertical suplexes from the top rope as everyone is down. The Machines come up swinging then they start to slowly trade strikes. The Machines hit stereo press slams then destroy Edwards with lariats. Richards breaks up the pin and kicks both Machines repeatedly as Edwards snaps off a small package for two. Edwards now chops both Machines, who botch a double team move as Edwards crashes. The Machines then slam and suplex Edwards around until Elgin hits a spinning Liger Bomb for the win (22:01) **3/4.

Thoughts: There was some nice stuff here and I liked the story at the beginning with the Wolves trying to figure out how to overcome the strength of their opponents. However, the match went on for far too long and they completely lost me at times.  It really would have benefited from having several minutes shaved off of the match. Cage & Elgin look like a team the WWE would go after, even if they are a little on the short side. Their strength is incredible though. And Edwards was really good here too at points.



Drew Gulak is in the ring. All of a sudden, Sami Callihan runs in and slowly removes his hood before booting Gulak through the ropes with a biycycle kick.



Drew Gulak vs. Callihan Sami

The crowd is going nuts for Callihan, who takes Gulak off of the apron with a springboard clothesline then flies outside with a tope. He tosses a chair in the ring then rips off the front of Gulak’s shirt and chops away. He has two fans hold up Gulak so he can chop him as well. Back inside, Gulak tosses Callihan to the floor and drops him on the apron with a back suplex. He slams Callihan on the floor then waits for him to crawl back inside before sending him out again. Gulak misses a chop and hits the post as Callihan suplexes Gulak on the floor. The action heads back inside as Callihan hits a knee smash before a pair of running kicks in the corner. He counters a lariat before hitting Gulak with a slingshot corkscrew neckbreaker for a nearfall. Gulak ducks a charge and hits a deadlift German suplex for two. Piledriver for two. They fight up top where Callihan’s sunset bomb is blocked but he is able to kick Gulak off. Callihan gets two with a sitout powerbomb then immediately puts him in the stretch muffler. Gulak rolls out and applies an ankle lock, eventually grape-vining the leg. Callihan eventually reaches the ropes but Gulak stomps and even spits on Callihan as he starts screaming. Callihan comes back with a Saito suplex then viciously stomps Gulak in the face before applying the stretch muffler again as that gets Callihan the win in his PWG return (9:51) **1/2. After the match, Sami grabs the mic. He states he has been “locked in a cage” for the past 2.5 years and now the Death Machine is back and the best wrestler in the world today.

Thoughts: This was a showcase for Sami, who looked great here. The fans were jacked here too. The match itself was not much more than an extended squash match though. Gulak did fine in his role. Sami is much better with the Death Machine character too but being a legit 5’8 and wrestling that style in the WWE, I can understand why they wanted him to change things up. Its probably for the best that he work this way here and in other promotions.



Trevor Lee vs. Will Ospreay

Chuck Taylor has joined the announcers table. Lee attacks Ospreay from behind during the ring introductions then flips off the crowd. He stomps and chops away in the corner for a bit. Ospreay comes back with a springboard corckscrew press and a few other twisting splashes. Ospreay sends Lee outside with a handspring into a enziguiri. Back inside, Ospreay takes Lee down with a rana then tries what appears to be a Flying Space Tiger Drop but Lee runs in and catches him and dumps him outside with a back suplex. Lee kicks Ospreay in the chest from the apron then roughs him up some more. Lee yells at the crowd to “get the fuck out of the way” but instead tosses Ospreay in the ring. Lee hits a deadlift German suplex for two as the crowd gets behind Ospreay. Lee now tosses Ospreay across the ring then taunts the crowd by asking them if they want to see some “fucking flips” as he hits what Taylor calls a “rolling lateral press” for two, causing the crowd to mock Lee with a “holy shit” chant. Lee gets another nearfall with a dropkick. Ospreay comes back with an armdrag after a reversal then hits Lee with an Up Kick. Ospreay kicks Lee in the face from the apron before connecting with a springboard missile dropkick. Lee rolls outside  as Ospreay hits a springboard corkscrew moonsault. Back inside, Ospreay hits a springboard cutter for a nearfall. Both men are down and they trade kicks until Lee takes him down with a double stomp as the crowd chants “this is awesome.” They work a fast-paced reversal sequence that ends with Ospreay hitting a corkscrew kick for two. He heads up top and rolls through a move but comes back with a flipping DDT then flies over the post with a no-hands tope con hilo. Incredible stuff. Back inside, Lee reverses a crossbody in midair then hits a small package driver for the win (11:09) ***1/2.

Thoughts: Good match. Lee is a lot more interesting here in PWG as a heel than he was  as a non-descriptive babyface. Ospreay is really incredible and does a lot of cool shit, like that insane tope con hilo. I liked the story here too, with Lee fed up over the crowd chanting for Ospreay and his aerial moveset while mocking them and grounding Ospreay himself.



“Speedball” Mike Bailey vs. Kenny Omega

The crowd chants for each guy as the feel each other out. Omega spits in Bailey’s face then extends his hand. Bailey accepts then kicks him in the thigh. Omega dodges some kicks until he is backed in the corner, where he jokingly kicks Bailey as the ref separates them. Both guys now tease each other with signature moves then Omega takes Bailey down. Bailey locks on a figure four neck lock but Omega breaks out. They trade chops until Bailey kicks him against the ropes with a flurry of kicks. Omega sits on the apron as Bailey kicks him in the back. Bailey then flies out with a corkscrew moonsault, landing right on his feet. Bailey lights up Omega with strikes on the outside until Omega ducks and he kicks the post. Omega boots Bailey down. Omega grabs a trash can and removes the bag but Bailey runs over and kicks him. He places the can over Omega’s head then hits him with a running kick. Omega is rolled inside, still wearing the trash can, as Bailey hits a standing corkscrew shooting star press for two. Omega hits the ref with the trash can before chop-blocking Bailey. Omega then stands the can upside down and powerbombs Bailey on top of it for a nearfall. Omega then goes back to targeting the knee then works a figure four. Bailey hits an enziguiri from the mat but struggles to get up as Omega takes him down and once again targets the knee. Omega teases the chainsaw but someone in the crowd hands him a plastic one with goggles as he puts them on and rubs it across Bailey’s forehead. Omega then tries to “cut” his leg off with the chainsaw in the corner then goes back to wrestling and hits a rolling fireman’s carry slam. Bailey gets his knees up on a moonsault as both men are down. Bailey comes back with a few running kicks while moving gingerly then hits a shiranui for a nearfall. He misses a moonsault kneedrop then Omega throws him at the turnbuckle knees first. Bailey boots Omega in the face from the apron and tries to head up top but Omega cuts him off with a knee smash. Omega tries a super shinbreaker but Bailey counters that with a sunset powerbomb. Bailey then hits the rapid-fire kicks but Omega catches a roundhouse kick and elbows his knee. Omega yanks Bailey down but waits too long and eats a crane kick while charging. Bailey tries his shooting star knee drop but Omega rolls away as Bailey is down. Omega hits the EX Hadouken but Bailey counters the Croyt’s Wrath (Electric Chair Drop into a Bridging German Suplex) with an inverted hurricarana. Bailey heads up top and hits the shooting star knee drop to a hunched over Omega, who is just able to get his foot on the ropes. Bailey fires away but Omega ducks under and hits a Dragon Suplex. Bailey escapes another Croyt’s Wrath attempt but Omega chops away and hits a bicycle knee smash. Bailey comes back with a roundhouse kick and gets two with a rana. Omega comes back with a few more bicycle knee smashes before putting Bailey away with the One-Winged Angel (One-Handed Electric Chair Driver) (20:52) ***1/2.

Thoughts: First off, I enjoyed this match. However, there was too much comedy here for my liking, especially given the quality of these two opponents. The chainsaw spot was goofy fun and for a small promotion in front of a few hundred in a Legion Hall that loves this stuff, I get doing it but watching at home the fun does not translate that much, for me anyway. Besides that, these two wrestled a damn good match and showed a lot of chemistry.



Tomasso Ciampa vs. Johnny Gargano & Young Bucks

This is a non-title match. Before the match, Nick calls his opponents “NXT cocky pricks” and that they will go “Full Sail on their asses.” Bucks try for a super kick but it gets blocked. Ciampa & Gargano slowly put their legs down at the Bucks request. The Bucks try to kick them again but fail and get chopped hard. The Bucks come back and alternate between punching and “suck it” chants. The Bucks run into kicks and that leaves Matt to be double-teamed. Nick runs in and cleans house but ends up on Ciampa’s shoulders on the outside as Gargano flies out as they hit a Doomsday Device. Matt gets hit with the Wassup Drop then Ciampa tries a thumb up the ass until Nick super kicks him. Nick takes out Gargano with a kick then works his arm. The Bucks work over Gargano as Ciampa spits in Nick’s face. Gargano tries to make the tag after a double low blow but the Bucks manage to cut off the tag. The Bucks stay in control until Gargano hits a slingshot DDT on Matt then makes the tag. Ciampa cleans house, even mocking Matt with “suck it” chants as he beats him in the corner. Nick hits Ciampa with a super kick then gives Ciampa a thumb up the ass. Ciampa blocks Nick trying to stick is thumb down his throat and sticks it in Matt’s. Ciampa gives the Bucks the double thumb as Taylor jokes how he does this on NXT all of the time. He hits them both with German suplexes then sticks his thumbs in his mouth, with the crowd chanting “you sick fuck.” Gargano tags but is quickly caught up in a hanging DDT as Nick comes off of the top with a swanton. Ciampa comes back in and almost puts Matt away with a neckbreaker but Nick yanks out the referee. Nick takes both guys out with a chair then they Bucks hit Ciampa with rapid fire 450 splashes from the top. Gargano breaks up the pin but ends up running into a double super kick. The Bucks try the Indytaker but Gargano counters it with a crossface. Matt gets back up as Nick takes care of Ciampa and they hit the Indytaker but Gargano turns the pin into another crossface. Ciampa pulls Nick out then drops him on the apron with a Kryptonite Krunch but as that happens, Matt reverses the hold and rolls up Gargano while holding the tights for the win (15:34) **1/4.

Thoughts: This was another match that had too much comedy. And speaking of that, Ciampa’s thumb up the ass spot is not something I need to see again. That’s a spot that only works with the live crowd. Its really all he did here. Even if you do enjoy the spot, it was relied on far too much here. And beyond the comedy spots, there wasnt much else here besides the last couple of minutes and even that wasnt much to brag about. I thought it was the weakest match of the night.



PWG Title Match: Matt Sydal vs. Roderick Strong (c)

The match starts with both guys working the arm. After that they take it to the mat for a bit until Strong ducks out for a breather. Strong starts yelling at some fans then finally re-enters the ring. They have an exchange on the mat that looked good before engaging in an Irish whip sequence that ends with Sydal hitting a headscissor takedown. Sydal hits a flying knee in the corner but Strong comes back with chops. Sydal kicks Strong down then gets two with a standing moonsault before working a Muta Lock. Strong breaks that up with an eye rake then takes Sydal to the floor. Strong then shoves the referee at Sydal before tossing him down as Strong is in control. Strong hits a few suplexes before applying a chinlock. Sydal breaks free but Strong sends him back down with a dropkick. A few chants for Strong break out from the crowd before both guys start exchanging strikes. Strong wins that battle then hits a slingshot suplex before applauding himself. Strong wins another exchange of strikes then just tosses Sydal with a suplex. Sydal avoids a charge and fights back with a few kicks then an enziguiri as both men are down. Sydal gets two with a slice but Strong comes back with a low blow. Sydal then is able to hit a spinning heel kick as both men are down again. Sydal hits a clothesline then heads up top but Strong cuts him off. Strong climbs up and they fight over a superplex. Strong gets shoved off as Sydal jumps off to hit a tornado DDT for a nearfall as both men are down again. They exchange strikes again and this sequence ends with Strong yanking Sydal off of the top rope then catching him with a backbreaker for two. Sydal’s head whacked off of the mat on that one. Sydal escapes from a fireman’s carry then hits a jumping kick but ends up eating boot on a charge. Strong is crouched up top as Sydal takes him off with a rana then almost puts him away with a sunset bomb. Both men are down again as Sydal keeps getting hit after gtting into Strong’s face. Sydal takes him down with a roundhouse kick then catches him with a rana in midair during a suplex attempt for a nearfall that the crowd bought as the finish, even chanting “that was three.” They trade strikes again as Strong hits the gutbuster. Sydal comes back with an inverted rana. He heads up top but missses the Shooting Star Press then Strong hits the Sick Kick followed by the End of Heartache for the win ( 19:54) ***1/2. After the match, the Young Bucks come in as they briefly beat on Sydal. Strong grabs the mic and cuts a promo on Zack Sabre Jr, telling him he fights when he wants to fight. After that, Mike Bailey and the World’s Cutest Tag Team (Joey Ryan & Candice LeRae) run out to clean house. The lights then turn off and when they come back on, Super Dragon is in the ring. He has the mic and says “suck my dick” before unmasking as Adam Cole. The Bucks catch the guys with super kicks as Cole hits LeRae with a brainbuster on his knee as the crowd goes nuts with a “welcome back” chant at Cole. Strong then comes back in the ring and is not too thrilled with the return of Cole, who gets kissed on the cheek by both of the Young Bucks, but they all eventually raise hands at the end.

Thoughts: First off, the match itself was well-wrestled. However, there was not much heat and it didnt really feel like a title match. I did not get a sense of urgency here or once sense that a title change would take place. The post-match stuff was far more interesting, with the big news being Cole’s return to PWG. That was cool. And, as we saw at the end, Strong was not too pleased with that.



Backstage, the Bucks and Cole are celebrating. Strong walks in and asks “what is this” when looking at the new Mt. Rushmore 2.0 shirts as Cole replaces Super Dragon. Cole tells Strong tension should not be high here but rather for the rest of the locker room as they are the greatest faction. Strong is pissed as he does not trust Cole while the Bucks assure him he can prove himself tomorrow as the replacement for Super Dragon in the Guerrilla Warfare match. Strong walks off as the others start chanting 2.0.



Final Thoughts: The show itself had some good matches and nothing terrible. However, I wouldnt call anything besides Cole’s return memorable. There was a lot of comedy and playing to the crowd here and it seemed to work less often than not, IMO. Anyway, some of what we saw was fun, like the returns of Cole and Callihan, and Omega has charisma in spades. This was nowhere as memorable is the last show (Battle of Los Angeles) but still a decent night of pro wrestling.


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