Hotter Rod?


Do you think there is anything in the rumours that WWE are finally gonna pull the plug and bring in Rod McMahon as a major on-screen character?

We know he is open to the idea as he was due to be part of the Vince is Dead angle until Benoit killed that too. I guess it’s never been right since then but it seems the stars may have perfectly aligned for Rod to come in as part of the Shane/Vince/Steph feud now. Plus for once, the storyline makes sense – Vince is the illegitimate son of Vincent J. McMahon. THIS is what Shane has over Vince; Vince had to buy WWE otherwise Rod, as the elder brother, would have inherited it. Since then he’s built the web of lies to make the McMahon lineage as strong as possible and cut Rod out. Now Rod is uniting with Shane to reclaim WWE and the true McMahon legacy.

Obviously I doubt Rod can go in the ring to a decent level, as I think he is even older than Vince, but for once this could be a McMahon angle with genuine intrigue and a FRESH new character that could help elevate new stars. You could even book it so that Rod’s international travels (he’s in the steel trade) led him to Japan where he noticed the Bullet Club and they could be the ones to do his and Shane’s bidding.


What says you? It’s certainly leftfield but there seems legit potential here.

​You wanna bring in a guy who’s, what, 75 as a FRESH character?

I don’t get why you would need to use the real guy anyway. No one knows who he is or what his deal is, so why not just find someone to play the part if you want to go that route? Or repeat the Ken Kennedy illegitimate kid angle but do it with a better payoff than the midget this time?

I think the idea is a swing and a miss.​

Update:  I just received a leaked page from the proposed script for his introduction:

carbon rod