WM main event

I know I know I’m asking for a sarcasm here, but given the reactions and the fact that they spent a Reigns-less, Brock-less Raw building up Dean Ambrose as the top face against HHH AND he didn’t get booed, nor did Hunter get cheered during the beat down, is there ANY shot they end up with a HHH/Roman/Brock/Dean Fatal 4-way at Wrestlemania?

Think about it, in a Rock/Foley "put asses in the seats" moment, HHH is pummeling Dean, Shield music hits, Roman hits the spear, dirty deeds, new champ to CRAZY pop. HHH demands rematch, Roman is guaranteed shot, and Heyman threatens to sue is Brock isn’t added because he was scheduled to fight Dean.
This solves every issue. Roman can win over Triple H, Dean finally touches gold in a huge moment, Brock main events and doesn’t take fall again. With Taker/Shane going 30 with entrances, the cell, etc, it also saves time and makes one big match… So any shot… Or does Dean take two pedigrees after slipping on a banana peel?

​I think the fact that they’re doing the match indicates that it might be in the back of their minds, yes. Even THEY have to see that the current direction is dying faster every week. Maybe they can resurrect Linda and put a McMahon in every corner, too!​