Network Special a Bad Idea?


Are the WWE shooting themselves in the foot by doing the Toronto Network Special? Now they’re are going to build to title match between HHH and Ambrose (Where I’m sure Dean will come out looking like a much better option) and then switch back to HHH/Reigns with a couple of weeks until the biggest show of the year? We know how good the WWE is at multi-tasking.

​Well the theory is that they make HHH into the Big Bad for Reigns to slay, and if he beats Reigns’ bestest buddy on the Road to WM, then people will boo him all the harder. It’s the old "Brutus Beefcake/Big Bossman/Tugboat as Hulk Hogan’s setup guy" theory, which was tremendous back when it worked. In 1987. Which fits in well the Reigns push, which is also based on things that haven’t worked since 1987. ​