Post Mania


Sorry about another Shane question…

I think I saw one of your responses to an email where you said Taker won’t be losing at Mania (especially after losses to Brock & losing Mania streak before that) and I found agree that he shouldn’t. But, what’s the point of getting everyone’s hopes up with a possibility of change just to have Shane lose?

I know we’re still in the early stages, and Shane might have an avatar come Mania, but what do you see come of Shane vs Taker?

If Shane loses, along with the inevitable (?) Reigns win, aren’t we back at square one with no change to this authority crap AND everybody’s favourite babyface as the ultimately crowned champion??

​It’s only been a week, we don’t even know what Undertaker thinks of all this. I’m gonna have to play the "Let it play out and see where it goes" card here for the moment.​