Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

This family is sacked by the flu and/or some stomach virus. Been an ugly 24 hours in this household as there was very little movement across the board on Monday unless it was going to the bathroom after trying to keep some oatmeal down for breakfast. Thankfully we’ve invested in nice beds and fluffy pillows.

Despite that here’s your Monday night thread as the Road to Wrestlemania is in full effect. Last week Shane McMahon returned and he’ll face Undertaker (yes? no? maybe?) in Hell in a Cell. And Triple H beat Roman Reigns to a bloody pulp. This week Undertaker will return and Triple H will probably beat Roman to a bloody pulp again because…when in doubt Triple H will always make sure he gets over.

I’m sure there’s other stuff to watch on TV. I’m going to be focusing on some hockey and I might stop by the board every so often to make sure you guys are behaving. Have a good night.

Keep it clean!