The Smark Rant on People Wanting a Roman Heel Turn

Here’s why I disagree.

The month before and every week leading to Fastlane 2015, he was getting boo’d. He had that match with Bryan, did he get boo’d? Nope. Roman Reigns fires up, attacks HHH. He didn’t get boo’d for the next month.

"Reigns needs a heel turn." What constitutes a heel turn? You want him to be like League of Nations??? You want him to be like Kevin Owens where he just talks a bunch and gets into a shit position? What is a heel anymore? The only reason why people are saying we want him as a heel is because they want to boo him. But at the same time when he’s been the guy that’s been kicking ass in a serious tone, he got cheered. Majority of today’s wrestling fans honestly just don’t know what they want. I think they want instant results. Who remembers "Die Rocky Die"? He went corporate but the only reason that he got boo’s is because of how strong of a heel force the corporation was. And that didn’t last long because he started getting cheers. So I’m a ask again, what constitutes today as a heel? WWE doesn’t know how to book heels correctly. How often do you see heels cheating? How often do you see heels making lives miserable for faces? Good heels don’t exist in WWE. Go to NXT for that because in WWE they’re all jobbers. So I’m sorry, if you want Roman Reigns, who WWE wants the face of their company as a heel and all heels do is job out? It’s not going to happen and it shouldn’t happen.

Also, CM PUNK was suppose to be a heel and the guy couldn’t get boo’d so again…What makes for a heel? We don’t know because WWE won’t give us one.

​Face or heel, I don’t care, I just want Roman to have an interesting CHARACTER. As it is we still don’t know who he is, and if he was "suit-wearing lackey of the Authority who kicks ass" then that’s at least something. At the moment, he’s nothing. The best description I’ve read recently is that he’s a guy playing the role of someone in the main event of Wrestlemania, acting the part of someone who people want to see there. That’s a very accurate way to put it. ​