Deep Space Nine

Scott, long time fan. Did you ever review DS9 season 7? And how about reviews of Voyager and Enterprise?


​Enterprise: Mostly sucked.
Voyager: Really sucked.

There you go. I’m still bitter about the new Trek TV show being locked out of Canada as well, unless it ends up airing on one of the bullshit Canadian streaming services like Crave or Shomi, aka "We can’t compete with Netflix so we’ll whine to the government".

I do have the DVD set of DS9 and it’s of course available on multiple streaming sites, but really now it’s been a decade since I left off with season 6 and I’d have a tough time catching up. I’ve only recently picked up on Buffy season 5 after ending season 4 more than a year ago and even then it’s taken a bit of time to get back into the groove on that show, so I can’t imagine being able to marathon DS9 at this point.

So basically don’t hold your breath, sorry.​