Cena question

1. When was the point you knew for sure Cena was a made man? Was it when HHH put him over at mania? I remember at the time thinking "Well, Trips will win again and start his reign of terror" then being nearly shocked when Cena won. So is that when it happened, and was Michaels putting him over the next year sort of the icing on the cake?

To be honest, I was paying very little attention to the product at that point. I saw the Royal Rumble in the theater and that was really the first time I had sat down and watched a full show in a while. Everything else past Summerslam 05 I was kind of doing on a delayed basis via WWE 24/7 or watching the DVDs. So it was a while before I even saw Wrestlemania 22.

That being said, I knew Cena was made when he showed up on RAW for the first time. Coincidentally or not, that was also when I was no longer a fan of his act and lost all interest in watching him ascend. I got to see the debut, the rise, and the conquering of the villain, and I didn’t need any more of the Cena Story. And then we got another 10 years anyway.

2. We’ve seen Cena put guys over (yes, we actually have), but is there anything to be made of him doing it on the biggest stage of all at mania? Just seems there’s still two things left for him to do. face Taker (and yeah the absence of the streak does take a lot away……but it’s still a big match that in wrestling terms hasn’t been done yet…….cause 2003 was ages ago) and put over an up and comer on at mania.

No, I think the big money move was finding someone to end the US Open Invitational, and they already wasted that, TWICE. The shock of seeing one of the new guys actually beat on him on TV would have been amazing, but instead it was Seth Rollins in a pointless 50/50 title switch that likely meant nothing to the buyrate of Summerslam.

3. To go with that, who would your pick be? For me I’d go with balor and keep them as far away from each other for as long as they can.

If they were serious about Reigns, it should have been Reigns. That’s how it was done for many decades before.

4. Isn’t it fair to say that all that won’t mean anything if post mania it’s just the same 50/50 booking? They need to have someone go over and literally be the guy Cena can’t beat. Think the Batista/Trips feud of ’05.

​Absolutely. They can bring up all the guys from NXT they want, but if it’s the Nexus all over again then they’re just wasting everyone’s time. ​