Strong Style Saturday Thread

Last night was Ring of Honor’s 14th Anniversary PPV. Seems to have been well received, with The Elite vs. ACH, Matt Sydal & KUSHIDA widely regarded as Match of the Night.

According to Wrestling Inc. WWE posted and then removed an article which stated that Triple H would defend his title at the March to Wrestlemania show on March 12th (March, geddit?). Make of that what you will.

The big news this weekend, of course, is that I ordered my first wrestling t-shirt in almost a decade. It’s the Kenny Omega 8-bit tee, in case you were wondering. So… favourite wrestling t-shirts?

(Shout out to Suplex Apparel in the UK, doing some nice wrestling-related clothing that doesn’t make the wearer look like an overgrown child. See this Zack Sabre Jr. shirt for proof.)

Now talk, damn it!