Ric and Dusty

Reading your recent WON recaps, I’m realizing Ric and Dusty had a lot of reasons to hate each other in the late 80s. But on his podcast, Ric has nothing but great things to say about him. I realize speaking ill of the dead is verboten, but what was their relationship really like throughout the years? I assume there were many ebbs and flows.

​As far as I know, they generally got along. Ric has always seemed like the kind of guy who just wants people to like him and party with him. It seems like they just hit a low point with the Turner purchase and Dusty’s crap booking at that point, but by the time they were both back in WCW in 93 they had a common enemy in Hogan. Dusty never really had that much power ever again anyway, so it was kind of an academic point from then on. ​