Lex Express derailed


On the back of your previous email on Luger, and maybe this has been answered in the past, but how is the blame/failure on Luger? Surely it’s Vince’s decision to change him from The Narcissus to the next Hogan, strap a rocket and tour bus to him, and then NOT pull the trigger on him?

If they were so sure about Luger, why not give him the belt?

​It’s another Luger question, take a drink everyone. I mean, it IS Friday night.

​They wanted to put the belt on him, but Vince decided late in the game that he wanted to delay it until Wrestlemania and build up the chase even further. Vince acknowledged and knew that it was a pretty huge risk, and just like promoting boxing PPVs, sometimes risks don’t pan out. ​
​​In all fairness, I think that even if Luger had won the belt at Summerslam, he would have flamed out by January the same way and we’d still end up with Bret Hart on top.