Roman’s Injury

With Reigns potentially being hurt, do you think this could be their way of taking him out of Mania? And how much do you think they will have to pay to get Joe Gomez to take Roman’s spot?

​Finally, a SANE question this morning. Look, if Roman Reigns had Joe Gomez’s glorious locks and Desperado good looks from 1996 instead of the greasy mop and meaty thighs that he has now, he would already be a 15 time World champion who gets buried in all the panties being thrown at him on the way to the ring. Getting over would not be a problem, is what I’m saying. Exhaustion would still be a problem, but it would be from all the sex that he would be having before and after his appearances, is what I’m saying. With women, and not just Vince McMahon! ​Sadly, Joe Gomez was a man out of time, born 20 years too soon and now too late to save WWE the same way he single-handedly saved all those crappy Nitros that he was on.